Manifesting With The Kabbalah

Gahl Sasson and Steve Weinstein have written a book about manifesting with the Kabbalah, A Wish Can Change Your Life. Published by Simon & Schuster of New York, it encourages its readers to "make a wish, any wish!". Every week you will be lead through one sphere on the Tree of Life. The book leads readers through a practice which incorporates meditation, chanting, journaling, noticing the synchronicities in one’s life and the magic of ritual. It teaches readers to use the magic of the tree to change their lives. This book will change your life, and it will teach you a lot about the magic of the Kabbalah.
The book is based on a workshop that Gahl Sasson has been teaching for five or six years. "The classes are free flow, I am never ‘prepared’ so to speak," admits Sasson. "In Hebrew every letter is a sign and also a letter. In Hebrew the letter meaning ‘to teach’ and ‘to learn’ is the same letter," said Sasson.

Sasson first taught the Kabbalah six years ago. "I was teaching astrology in an eastern/western medicine center in Beverly Hills. My students enjoyed the astrology workshops, and they were used to coming every Monday evening and they wanted me to teach, and wanted to know what else I could teach. That’s why I decided to teach the Kabbalah. As I was teaching it, I was also learning more about it," said Sasson.

The book is easy for people to read because it draws from Sasson's teaching many people the spheres and through Sasson’s lectures and classes over the years. "It is in many ways the Tree that wrote the book, rather than I did," said Sasson.

Steve Weinstein, a screenwriter and journalist, also worked on the book. "A few months before New Year's Day, 2000, I was sipping coffee as usual at my favorite café in Los Angeles and I saw a flyer on the bulletin board, advertising an astrology lecture on Y2K by Gahl Sasson. I had seen Gahl around the café for a while, reading astrology charts and speaking in Hebrew to other people, and I'd been told that he was a rather astute astrologer. By then, the hysteria over the coming new millennium and its potential for computer meltdowns and even apocalypse had reached a fevered plateau, and so I decided to check out the lecture," said Weinstein. He was impressed with not only Gahl’s knowledge of astrology, but his understanding of mythology and culture. He decided to write an article about Sasson for an arts and culture magazine in Los Angeles. "Gahl enjoyed the piece and asked me if I would like to try to translate his Tree of Life workshop into a book," said Weinstein. Both writers were very gratified to later have their work endorsed by the Dalai Lama.

"The word Kabbalah means to receive. The word Kabbalah - it gave birth to the english word ‘cable’. We must ask ourselves: ‘How can we receive more light and give more light?’ ‘How can we become better channels for the light of God?’," said Sasson

Sasson began studying the Kabbalah in a truly synchronistic way. "I went to Mexico eight years ago to surf with friends. ‘Gahl’ means ‘the wave’ and I figured that I would not know myself until I surfed. But I almost died. One of my friends was the last person to be with me and then he left to go to Israel. I then went to Guadalajara, Spain by myself. I thought I would be there for five days, and I stayed for a year and a half," said Sasson. While in Guadalajara, Sasson started a rock band. "A musician from the group introduced me to astrology. I didn’t know Spanish, but I still learned astrology. It was like I was learning two languages at once, but I learned astrology on pure instinct. I then learned Kabbalah from this astrology teacher. That is how life is strange: how you can travel all across the world to find what is truly within you all along."

Sasson later learned that the Zohar, one of the most powerful books of the Kabbalah, was written in Guadalajara, Spain. "So I found my identity in that same place. My soul drifted to that place. That is how I started working with Kabbalah. Because of these synchronicities, I realized that this is how Kabbalah came to be."

"A lot of the time what the book tries to do is to arrange the synchronicities to make sense, according to The Tree. For example, if my partner’s picture broke while I was thinking about him, what does this mean? At times we put too much, or not enough, or the wrong misconception on a synchronicity," said Sasson.

Sasson describes The Kabbalah as a storytelling tool. "Every person in the universe, every soul is connected to one of the spheres. In the beginning of time, according to Kabbalah, the spheres exploded into millions of pieces. We all came from one of the original spheres. If your soul came from Splendor, you have always done something in a communicative way. I know my soul originated from Wisdom. I was fascinated by Gandolph from Lord of the Rings, he has a "gray" kind of energy," said Sasson.

Weinstein believes that the Kabbalah will work for anyone as a tool. "I have meditated with yoga or simply in Buddhist fashion for many years. I also love nature and have hiked and visited forests as a form of spirituality since I was a child. I love the fact that the Tree of Life and our book incorporates the awe induced by the natural world as an integral part of the spiritual program. I was raised Jewish, and I think I was attracted to Kabbalah because it is closely associated over the centuries with Judaism. It felt natural, comfortable. But I relish the fact that our book transcends any one religion or mythological heritage. I strongly believe that God and spirituality are universal. You don't have to believe in Christ or keep kosher to be spiritual. There isn't one path, one set of rules, that speak the truth. All paths and all people are One. I am thrilled to be a part of a project that conveys that idea and welcomes everyone. If you stand under a tree, the tree doesn't care if you believe that Jesus is God or if you eat cheeseburgers or if you revere Muhammad or if you are an atheist. It will still work for you. It will still give you shade from the sun. The Tree of Life operates the same way," said Weinstein

Sasson suggests when you are reading the book, to notice which chapter you have had the easiest time with. "Or notice the chapter you have had the most synchronicities with. People ask me how do we know if we have been in a different country in a different lifetime? Think of what movies that you enjoy that were shot in a different country. Most likely, at one time you came from there," said Sasson.

Sasson believes in one lifetime he must have lived in Mexico because he had such a positive experience there. "In Mexico, anywhere I went I was treated like royalty. I went there originally with four hundred dollars and I just lived like a king. People would say that I was the richest poorest man there," Sasson laughs. "I did something good there in a past life."

Sasson reminds us that the daily meditations used in the book are important. "Also just taking the book into your personal life. Tying into the energy of the spheres. Everything is so much easier to understand. You can have active meditation with everything in your life; you are washing your dishes and think about what you have just read. If you are walking in the street; think about connecting to the sphere. In some ways this is like Method acting. You are taking on the personality of the sphere. You will understand the energy of the sphere. Through using this book, you literally become the sphere for a whole week."

The Kabbalah has gotten more attention in recent years, thanks to celebrities. "People ask me why celebrities are so attached to the Kabbalah, like Maddonna. I think it is because celebrities have so much that they want to know what to do with it. I think Kabbalah gives people the option how to receive more in order to give more. It teaches them how to make sense of things and how to let go," said Sasson.

"Kabbalah, thanks to Madonna and other celebrities, is suddenly hip. And I think that's great. Anything that helps to open the door to these ideas and practices is probably a good thing. But Kabbalah is not Madonna, or the Kabbalah Center or their red string. You don't have to belong to a specific group or follow the dictates of a particular organization to be a Kabbalist. By yourself, in your own room, you can meditate and tap the divine energies that are the birthright of everyone. I hope that our book provides the means for people to do that," said Weinstein.

Sasson’s latest project is a CD called The Alchemy of Sound. It offers listeners mantras and spiritual music from all over the world in a contemporary way. This is a sountrack of the journey of the soul. To listen to his CD and to purchase, visit the store

Weinstein is working on a metaphysically-themed screenplay and also on a novel.