Cancer: The Master of Compassion
June 21 to July 22
Key Phrase: “I feel”—unconditional love
General Qualities: Nurturing, natural-born healer, supportive, compassionate,
family oriented, sensitive, homey, and maternal
Dark Side: Guilt, attachment, dependency, passive aggressiveness, and a deep
need to be needed
Element: Cardinal water
Planet: The moon, the giver of light in our darkest moments
Day: Monday
Theme: Birth
Parts of the Body: Ribs, stomach, breasts, internal organs, womb
Color: Orange-yellow
Gemstone: Pearl
Musical Note: D sharp
Path in the Tree of Life: Path 7, connecting Understanding and Severity
Tarot Card: The Chariot
Movies: The Piano, Kundun, and all family-related movies
Affirmation: “I am loved by my family and nurtured by the universe. I forgive
those who have wronged me and ask forgiveness from those I have injured.”

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