Scorpio: The Lord of Transformation
October 23 to November 22
Key Phrase: “I desire”—the drive
General Qualities: Intense, sexual, intimate, passionate, driven, powerful
research abilities, skilled at healing, secretive, drawn to the occult
Dark Side: Possessive, vindictive, emotionally self-centered, possessed of
criminal urges, paranoid, and destructive
Element: Fixed water
Planet: Mars
Day: Tuesday
Theme: Regeneration
Parts of the Body: Sexual organs, reproductive organs, and the nose
Color: Turquoise/green-blue
Gemstone: Topaz
Musical Note: G
Path in the Tree of Life: Path 13, connecting Beauty and Eternity
Tarot Card: Death
Movies: Children of Men, Angel Heart, V for Vendetta, all spy and horror movies
Affirmation: “I am passionate and sexual, creating intimacy with everyone I
encounter. I accept death, knowing it will lead to a rebirth. I am open to being
a vehicle for God’s healing powers.”

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