Taurus: The Artist and Financier
April 20 to May 20
Key Phrase: “I have”—from self-worth to a bank account
General Qualities: Artistic, affectionate, stable, reliable, patient, practical,
financial facility, a knack for sensual enjoyment, and a love of nature
Dark Side: Materialistic, possessive, resistant to change, stubborn, fanatical,
narrow-minded, gluttonous, and indulgent
Element: Fixed earth
Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Theme: The sustainer
Parts of the Body: Throat, neck, thyroid gland
Color: Red-orange
Gemstone: Jade
Musical Note: C sharp—the second tone
Path in the Tree of Life: Path 5, connecting Wisdom and Mercy
Tarot Card: The Hierophant
Movies: Chocolat, Like Water For Chocolate, Perfume
Affirmation: “I am my own spiritual guide. I possess the ability to translate my
inner wealth into material abundance. I am worthy of success and financial

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