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Catlike President…

Christopher Hitchens wrote a piece for The Atlantic on President Obama entitled “Cool Cat,” where he says that he thinks it is “rather nice to have a feline for president.” Jacob Weisberg from...Read more

The Times They Are A-Changing

The Times They Are A-Changing
Mercury Retrograde May 6 – 30th
Full Moon in Scorpio – May 8th

The Times They Are A-Changin…wrote the great prophet Bob Dylan who while was always true to his faith in the One God, as a true Gemini, he kept changing the name of that God...Read more

Saturn in Virgo – Pets!

I was given the honor and was selected along with other healers around the world to take part in a TV series about spirituality and its effect on our lives. The producers have asked me to contact people who read my books and/or met me in person and were touched by my readings, workshops or books to be interviewed and give their...Read more

Happy Spring, Passover and Easter

This time of the year represents the liberation from oppression, the winter of our discontent, and whatever enslaved us. That is the reason early farmers in Mesopotamia celebrated the festivities of Barley which later morphed into Passover and finally into Easter. I decided to make this spiritalk more visual and share with you...Read more

Happy Equinox!

Happy New Year

On March 20th, the day and night will be equal in majesty, length and grace. This wonderful date has been celebrated for thousands of years as the Spring Equinox, the first day of spring and the beginning of the astrological Year. For most of us, it will signal a shift in the collective mood. For the last...Read more

VENUS RETROGRADE March 6th - April 17th

Venus, the planet associated with finance, relationship and art is retrograding from March 6th to April 17th. Venus retrograde is a period of time when we reevaluate our relationships and discover what they really mean to us. It is also a time to examine our talents and how much are we willing to invest in...Read more

The Yin Yang Crisis


***Before I lay out the astrological explanation of the financial crisis, I have a request. If you know of a blogs, radio show, magazine, a reporter or an editor that you think might find this article interesting for publishing or discussion, please email me. I have received many emails asking...Read more

Valentine’s Day - 10 Tips for Better Relationships

Here we are again, Feb 14th, the international day of Love, when lovers are reminded (by pink cards, fluffy teddy bears and lots of saturated fat chocolate hearts) to show their affections and appreciations to each other. Since this day is celebrated in Aquarius, the sign of friendships, Valentine’s Day energetically...Read more

2009 – Part III – Your Sign and Your Assignments in the Year Ahead

2009 Part III – Navigations

Your sign is your spiritual tribe. It is the archetype to which you decided to be born in this lifetime. Below you will find a description of the challenging as well as harmonious aspects each tribe will encounter this year. Remember, these do not describe your future but rather the...Read more

2009 – PART II – Jupiter in Aquarius – Quantum Leaps!

Before I begin, I wanted to give you an example of Mercury Retrograde and how it effects even the mightiest of us all – the leader of the free world. The historical inauguration of President Obama did take place while Mercury is retrograding. In the last Spiritalk I told you guys that things we do in Mercury retrograde might...Read more


(PART II & III shall soon follow.. ; )

While the Chinese, Muslem and Jewish New Year begins on the New Moon and the Astrological New Year starts on the Spring Equinox, there is absolutely nothing energetic, celestial or mythically significant about January 1st except the fact that for some reason, be it political...Read more

The Astrological Origins of Hanukah and Christmas

On December 21st, the Winter Solstice, millions of Jews and their non-Jewish friends who just like to play with fire, will light the first candle of Hanukah.

Besides the fact that people and spell-checkers all around the world argue on what is the correct spelling of Hanukah, the holiday represents the christening of...Read more

My Sign..

I wanted to dedicate this newsletter to a question that some people asked me after they have read Cosmic Navigator.

The question rephrased sounds something like:

“So, if I am a Cancer, does that mean that I am a Cancer or I have to work on being a Cancer by tapping into the energies of Cancer?”

...Read more