New Year Resolutions

 Watch a short 2010 video: A study conducted at the University of Washington concluded that about 75% of New Year’s Resolutions were broken by the end of January. The study offered a practical advice: in order to raise the percentage of success one must plan the resolution ahead of time. Most resolutions that failed were formulated on New Years.

Pluto in Capricorn

 Pluto, the planet of transformation is now traveling through Capricorn, the sign of structure. Since it takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the Sun and since there are twelve signs, Pluto spends roughly twenty years in each sign. When Pluto transits through Capricorn, it tends to destroy and resurrect social structures.

Saturn Moves to Libra

At the end of October, Saturn, the planet of Karma, will transit into Libra where it will stay for over 2 years. Last time Saturn paid a visit to Libra was between the Fall of 1980 to the end of 1982. If you were around then, it will be wise to go back to those punk years and see what happened in your life especially in the realm of relationships, partnerships, significant others, contracts, law and artistic expression.

What is Rosh-Hashanah and Why Should I Care?

By Gahl Eden Sasson

“In the seventh month, on the first of the month (New Moon), shall be for you a day of rest, a remembrance of the sounding of the shofar” --Leviticus 23:23-25.

If you are human, or consider yourself an offspring of Adam and Eve, then your mythological birthday is coming up on the New Moon, September 18th. Let me be the first or perchance the only one to wish you – Happy Birthday! Make sure you buy yourself a gift; besides helping the economy it will make you feel better.

Becoming Virgo

From August 22 - September 22 the Sun walks through the mountainous lands of Virgo. In the agricultural cycle on which Astrology is based, this is the time in the year we harvest what we have planted in the spring. Of course, the sawing of seeds in the spring includes besides fruits, vegetable and trees also thoughts, actions, and feelings. If you live around farms or talk to your local farmer at the Framer’s Market, they will assert that this is indeed the busy time of harvest. The harvest include, many seasonal vegetables, fruits and…yes, your Karma as well.

Astrology Rocks – Some Historical Magic

In Astrology, the sign Sagittarius, which is the sign of traveling, is also the sign associated with wisdom, truth and study. I saw the magic of Sagittarius in action after I gave a lecture on the Power of the Name at the East West Bookstore, right when I was about to leave the West on a flight to Eastern Europe. After the lecture I picked up a book from the astrology shelf, something to read on the flight. I randomly chose a book, trusting my luck (ruled by Sagittarius) to find me the manuscript I need to study (Sagittarius again).

New Moon Solar Eclipse - July 21st-22nd

I am sending you this short message from the Mother of all Cities, Istanbul. The Muezzin just finished his last call for prayer and whoever did not hid the summon, will probably have to pray on his on. I am a guest at a super beautiful boutique hotel called Villa Blanche where I conduct my readings. If you ever visit Istanbul and want to stay in a oasis, away from franchised - over priced and sadly designed hotels, you should check this place out.

Saturn Returns to Iran

According to the many mystical traditions, your name is the DNA of your destiny. Understanding and decoding your name unfolds its spiritual meaning which in turn works like a password that can help you access your full potential. This workshop includes a lecture on the power of names from various traditions all over the world, a meditation to activate your name, and a short analysis of your own name.

All about Fortune, Bear and Bull Markets…

Sometimes we find messages hiding outside of our inbox. I am not talking about spam, I am referring to insights and other such unwritten communications we sometimes receive with no return address. It happened to me a few days ago when I was teaching a workshop on the symbolism of the Tarot and gazed at the card Fortune.

Catlike President…

Christopher Hitchens wrote a piece for The Atlantic on President Obama entitled “Cool Cat,” where he says that he thinks it is “rather nice to have a feline for president.” Jacob Weisberg from Slate Magazine, while quoting from Hitchens, adds that “The president is catlike also in his lack of evident affection for the people who take care of him.” His jokes at the White House Correspondent