The Times They Are A-Changing

The Times They Are A-Changing
Mercury Retrograde May 6 – 30th
Full Moon in Scorpio – May 8th

Saturn in Virgo – Pets!

I was given the honor and was selected along with other healers around the world to take part in a TV series about spirituality and its effect on our lives. The producers have asked me to contact people who read my books and/or met me in person and were touched by my readings, workshops or books to be interviewed and give their accounts, synchronicities and other testimonials. They are coming next week to LA and would love to interview anyone who is willing to talk about it. Please contact me if you have a nice story and willing to share it. Hopefully your account could inspire other people to embark on a spiritual path. Thx!

Virgo, the sign of service, work and health is also associated with pets. It already has been proven that pets help us heal. In a recent study conducted at UCLA with 76 hospitalized heart failure patience, anxiety dropped 24% among patients who were asked to pet a dog for 12 minutes a day. It does not take a lot. Even anxiety drugs don’t work so fast. I know it’s true, my dog heals me on a daily basis. My dog is a Gemini and he taught me to communicate, like all good Gemini do. I never knew my neighbors were such cool people. I was forced be more social and open up and I am happy my dog walks me a few times a day and makes me talk to strangers. Pets do that to us. While we think we walk them, they actually walk us…

Happy Spring, Passover and Easter

This time of the year represents the liberation from oppression, the winter of our discontent, and whatever enslaved us. That is the reason early farmers in Mesopotamia celebrated the festivities of Barley which later morphed into Passover and finally into Easter. I decided to make this spiritalk more visual and share with you the PowerPoint presentation I use in the workshops I lead about the Astrology of the Financial Crisis. I hope you enjoy it if joy is the right word for these matters, and please pass it along.

Happy Equinox!

Happy New Year

On March 20th, the day and night will be equal in majesty, length and grace. This wonderful date has been celebrated for thousands of years as the Spring Equinox, the first day of spring and the beginning of the astrological Year. For most of us, it will signal a shift in the collective mood. For the last three months, since the Winter Solstice, we have been focusing on survival, battling with our shadows on a social as well as personal level. But the Spring Equinox is like a beam of sharp bright light that cuts through darkness and ignorance.

VENUS RETROGRADE March 6th - April 17th

Venus, the planet associated with finance, relationship and art is retrograding from March 6th to April 17th. Venus retrograde is a period of time when we reevaluate our relationships and discover what they really mean to us. It is also a time to examine our talents and how much are we willing to invest in them. This determines if one day that investment would make us feel better about ourselves or wealthier.

The Yin Yang Crisis


***Before I lay out the astrological explanation of the financial crisis, I have a request. If you know of a blogs, radio show, magazine, a reporter or an editor that you think might find this article interesting for publishing or discussion, please email me. I have received many emails asking me to spread this article further and since I travel all the time, I need a little help in that department. Any suggestion of contact will help! Thanks!

How Astrology, Kabbalah and Daoism Can Heal the Global Economy Crisis

The ancient Daoist symbol of Yin Yang is one of the world’s most powerful representations of unity. According to Daoism, the eternal dance between Yin and Yang, black and white, feminine and masculine, creates the balance and equilibrium we need in order to walk “The Way,” the natural flow of the Universe that results in effortless success. For many this path marks the course toward enlightenment and peace of mind. The West has revered and mirrored this universal spiritual force in iconic depictions of Mother Mary nursing baby Jesus on her lap. And the binary language of computers, the interplay of 0 and 1 (Yin and Yang), has interconnected our entire world in an astounding and mostly beautiful way.

When these opposite forces embrace and complement one another, the organism—which can be anything from an individual’s psychological well being to the globe’s economic solvency—thrives. When the pendulum swings too far in one direction, however, turmoil generally ensues. And right now the global economic calamity signals rather loudly that the forces of Yin and Yang, receiving and giving, saving and spending, pessimism and optimism, caution and risk, honest dealing and deceit have tumbled dramatically out of whack.

Valentine’s Day - 10 Tips for Better Relationships

Here we are again, Feb 14th, the international day of Love, when lovers are reminded (by pink cards, fluffy teddy bears and lots of saturated fat chocolate hearts) to show their affections and appreciations to each other. Since this day is celebrated in Aquarius, the sign of friendships, Valentine’s Day energetically speaking is actually the day of friendship more then love or passion. If it would have been all about love, we would have celebrated it on the opposite sign, Leo. If it would have been about passion it would have been occupying some day in the Scorpio domain, perhaps even competing with Halloween. But Aquarius won the bid for Valentine’s which means that what we are really suppose to demonstrate is our friendship to our lovers, significant others or anyone who is close to us.

Why Valentine’s? Well, in the past you could not have a holiday without it being connected to a saint or a famous battle. Friendship or love on their own did not seem important enough for the Church to declare a day for it. Most likely Valentine’s is based on the Lupercalia celebration which was observed in Ancient Rome between Feb 13-15 and was associated with Hera’s marriage to her very unfaithful yet charismatic husband Zeus. Hera, strangely enough, was the goddess of marriage and was suppose to help women deal with their partners, which she had a hard time doing since most of the time she was busy trying to kill her husbands illegitimate children (such as Hercules). I guess a cobbler walks barefoot and the goddess of marriage wants a divorce. Maybe that is why, according to US Greeting Cards Association, 1 billion Valentine’s cards are exchanged every year, of which 85% are sent by women, hoping to do a better job with their partners then the goddess of marriage did with hers.

2009 – Part III – Your Sign and Your Assignments in the Year Ahead

2009 Part III – Navigations

Your sign is your spiritual tribe. It is the archetype to which you decided to be born in this lifetime. Below you will find a description of the challenging as well as harmonious aspects each tribe will encounter this year. Remember, these do not describe your future but rather the territories your clan will navigate in 2009 on the way to the Promised Land.

There are two planets that are important azimuths in pinpointing what each sign will have to deal with each year, these two heavenly bodies provide the energetic coordinates allowing us, Cosmic Navigators, to stir our crafts into our port of destiny. These planets are Jupiter, the provider of luck fortune and abundance and Saturn, the planet of Karma, challenges but also the lessons that make us great. Imagine yourself sitting in the pilot’s seat of a fancy interglacial spacecraft. You were assigned by your clan to be the official Cosmic Navigator. Look at your right and you will see a handle. That handle is called Jupiter and it’s the accelerator. This handle propels speed, opportunities, synchronicities and success. Wait! Don’t touch it before you know what the other handle to your left does. Yes, that one, try to move it. You see, it takes more force to move it around and is not as lubricated. It is the handle called Saturn. This handle controls the mechanism that slows you by creating resistance, it’s your brakes, just in case the Jupiter handle causes you to smash into an asteroid or any other blocks. This handle functions as a regulator of energy by introducing discipline, persistence, endurance and can create some frustrations and challenges if you are impatient. It is the area your tribe is asked to fix, it’s the part of creation God has assigned to your spiritual clan to mend and rectify so other signs can use safely in the future. It is not always the challenging aspect of life. It might actually be the area in your life that will fill you with the most fulfillments. It’s all about your attitude.