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Moon Void of Course - Her Lunarship and Her Regal Issues

Change is upon us all, regardless if you are in the USA or even if you can vote, the results of the Nov 4th election will affect directly or indirectly every person on this planet. In fact, looking at the ideological difference between the two candidates, this upcoming presidential election will affect Mother Nature herself as...Read more

The Astrological Remedy for the Economy – Add More Taurus!

We have just moved into Scorpio, the sign of death and transformation. If you are feeling some slight winter blues then don’t take it personally, the trees, nature and the earth herself (at least her Northern side) is there with you, shading the old and preparing for a renewal. It is in Scorpio that we celebrate Halloween, a...Read more

The Zen Question of the Presidential Debate

“What don’t you know and how will you learn it?”

I watched the Presidential debate hoping it will generate some ideas, thoughts, associations etc, something to write about or comment. But nothing. The political ping pong went on and on going someplace close to nowhere. It felt to me like both...Read more

Happy Mythological Birthday to Humanity – New Moon in Libra

Moses was told by God, that the newly freed salves wondering in the desert towards their Promise Land should start using a calendar. I guess the logic was that while they were slaves, time was not their own to spend. Now, as they were journeying towards their own piece of land, it was important they master time. Moses informed...Read more

Power of Names II

Before I begin, happy Equinox! On Sep 22nd, we officially started the introversive and feminine part of the year. We are asked to mimic nature, shed off what we do not need and let go of our masks. This will help us become more intimate with ourselves and others. It is a wonderful time for insights, meditations, self discovery...Read more

Power of Names

In the book of Genesis we read that once God finished his creation, he politely asked Adam and Eve to name the animals and plants. Since an early age I wondered how come Adam and Eve chose such complicated unpronounceable names such as Agathis Australis etc. That query put aside, names are considered to be of out most...Read more

August 16th Eclipse and the whole 08-08-08 Business

On August 16th we will experience the second act of the drama that was unfolded on the Solar eclipse of Aug 1st. This coming Full Moon in Aquarius represents the completion of a process started on the New Moon in Leo two weeks ago. I received many emails and comments about how powerful, challenging and transforming the weekend...Read more

Bad is the New Good – Meditations on HellBoy

The tagline “Believe it or not, he’s the good guy,” started a train of thoughts that eventually lead me to this Spirit Talk.

The line is from the poster for the new film of master storyteller, Guillermo del Toro, Hell Boy. The poster depicts...Read more

Heaven on Earth: A Fractured Myth

 Water swallowed the world.

One tiny boat, all that remained of life that trod the dirt, splashed through the monstrous waves. Noah steered toward nowhere. This one kind soul, the only person on the planet who gave more than he received, had barely escaped this cleansing of humanity, this...Read more

The Story of Bendicion (Chanted By Sabrina Diaz)

The song Bendicion is an actual live Santeria ritual I recorded over at Sabrina’s Botanica. Sabrina is the one chanting in the song in Spanish and African. She is a very good friend I have had the honor of knowing personally for years. She is...Read more

How To Use The Tree To Fulfill Your Wish

 All you have to do is spend one week basking in the radiance of each of the Tree’s ten archetypal energy spheres, one after another from the top of the Tree to the bottom. Ten spheres. Ten Chapters. Ten weeks. One wish.

Based on workshops conducted by Gahl Sasson in the United States, Mexico and Israel, the...Read more

“Tree of Life Grove” Program

The Planting Project:

The Tree of Life Grove will be located in Tahoe National Forest at a place called Onion Valley. An illegal campfire started the Gap fires in Onion Valley a few years ago and this area is need of restoration. The fire was so intense the forest is having problems regenerating. The Gap Fires decimated...Read more

Trees, Trees, Everywhere A Tree

Research used for "A Wish Can Change Your Life" by Gahl Sasson and Steve Weinstein

Even if I were certain the world would end

...Read more