Astrology Rocks – Some Historical Magic

In Astrology, the sign Sagittarius, which is the sign of traveling, is also the sign associated with wisdom, truth and study. I saw the magic of Sagittarius in action after I gave a lecture on the Power of the Name at the East West Bookstore, right when I was about to leave the West on a flight to Eastern Europe. After the lecture I picked up a book from the astrology shelf, something to read on the flight. I randomly chose a book, trusting my luck (ruled by Sagittarius) to find me the manuscript I need to study (Sagittarius again). The book I was “given” was The Fated Sky by Benson Bobrick. I was really taken by the book so I decided to rewrite and comply some random examples from the book that show how astrology has proved herself again and again to be a valuable tool for charting and navigating our lives. So here we go…

Michael Scott, a Scott, born circa 1175 AD was famous for his accurate predictions. While he was super good at helping other navigate fate, he could never escape his own destiny. He could read from his chart that he is destined to die from an object falling from above on a specific day. As the day approached, he started wearing an iron helmet. But not even the grand astrologer could deny Lady Death, and as he entered the church, the only occasion when he did indeed expose his head, a loose stone fell from the ceiling and hit his skull, thus ending the life of the very nervous system that predicted its fall.

Ebenezer Sibly, from Bristol, was a master Freemason and Doctor in the 18th century. He was famous for helping people with their relationships issues but also used astrology to predict and understand world affairs. For example, in 1776, at the onset of the American revolution, when everyone both in Britain and the colonies thought the revolution will be crashed effortlessly, he predicted that the colonies will gain independence. He along with astrology was of course ridiculed. Then on 1784, when the colonies where struggling with pirates, hostility from the British Empire and internal turmoil, he cast a chart to see the fate of the newly created colonies and concluded that the young fragile USA would one day: “have an extensive and flourishing commerce, advantageous and universal traffic to every quarter of the globe, with great security and prosperity.” He could even see that the USA will be “a new Empire that shall soon or late give laws to the whole world.”

Another interesting astrologer, Richard James Morrison, working in the 19th century, was especially renowned for his predictions regarding earthquakes. In 1852 he said that “Mars and Saturn are in Taurus (an earth sign)….I have no doubt there will be fearful amount of earthquakes…” He even specified the location. Indeed, on July 16th 1853 the earthquake happened…

Perhaps the most known astrologer in the Renaissance was William Lilly, dubbed “the English Merlin.” He lived in the 17th century and in 1648 made his most famous predictions. One was concerning the plague arriving to London and the other about the great fire. 13 years before the great fire in London, he foresaw the flames that will consume 80% of London in the year 1666. He published his prediction and pamphlet with this cover::

very funny picThe twins fall into the fire. London’s rising sign, signifying the body in the astrological chart, is Gemini. The twins are consumed in fire signifing that London will be burnt down despite the attempts to put the flames out. After the flames finally were extinguished, Lily was summoned to appear before a committee of the House of Commons and questioned. People accused him of starting the fire, otherwise, how could he know? He did not…the Stars did.

The list is long and it will probably get longer. The stars do not cause things to happen, they just give us another perspective of what is happening. I feel that within astrology, folded neatly in the charts is choice. I have seen it again and again that while it is true that certain events are inevitable, within those events we have the ability to choose our paths and change the outcome of these events. Yes, winter is always cold, fated to be wet and rainy but if we make the right choices, based on our knowledge of what is to come, we can stay warm and dry.

As Lord Byron, a true believer of Astrology wrote:

“Ye stars! Which are the poetry of heaven! If in your bright leaves we would read the fate Of men and empires – ‘tis to be given, That in our aspiration to be great, Our destenies o’erleap their mortal state, And claim a kindred with you, for ye are A beauty and a mystery, and create In us such love, and reverence from afar, That fortune, fame, power, life, have named themselves a star…”

Have a great New Moon in Leo on August 20th