2009 – PART II – Jupiter in Aquarius – Quantum Leaps!

Before I begin, I wanted to give you an example of Mercury Retrograde and how it effects even the mightiest of us all – the leader of the free world. The historical inauguration of President Obama did take place while Mercury is retrograding. In the last Spiritalk I told you guys that things we do in Mercury retrograde might have to be done again, REvisited so to speak. Mercury could not resist the huge crowds President Obama drew and he pulled one of his tricks.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Obama retook his oath of office Wednesday after Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed while delivering it at Tuesday's inauguration

Knowing Mercury and his passion for a good trick, it is not a coincidence that the flub was centered around the word faithfully. What is it about faith that causes so many problems? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for faith, my dealing with mysticism, astrology and Kabbalah demand a substantial amount of faith, but it seems that lately especially in the US, there is a need to constantly bring the word God, or Faith everywhere you can. As if God is some megalomaniac entity that will be offended if His name is not mentioned.

Some people in America, such as Fox News anchor Chris Wallace fell prey to Mercury’s joke by taking it so seriously that he started questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency:

"We're wondering here whether or not Barack Obama in fact is the president of the United States. They had a kind of garbled oath. It's just conceivable that this will end up going to the courts."

(Notice how the anchor did not add the word “President” before the name Obama.)

In the inaguration, Mercury was on the cusp between Capricorn, the sign of conservatives and traditional people such as Fox anchor Chris Wallace and Aquarius, the sign that is suppose to deliver us away from blind-faith into awarness and diversity. Maybe that was why Mercury induced a fumble around the word Faithfully. It was his private joke. That line of thought is supportted by the fact that the second oath took place without the bible. Do we really need a bible, a cross, a yamukah to show faith? Is not faith a private intimate matter of the heart and not an external ritual ceremony or a material object?

If you like to see the whole transcript of the Retrograde Oath scroll to the bottom of the newsletter…

2009 Part II – Happy Chinese New Year – Welcome the Earth Ox!

Since we are already in the subject of Mercury retrogarde, here are the dates in which Mercury is more likely to play similar tricks on us:

Mercury retro:

  • Jan 11-Jan 31st in Aquarius
  • May 6th -May 30th in Gemini
  • Sep 6th -29th in Libra
  • Dec 26th -Jan 15th in Capricorn

For sure the airy people among us (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will feel the affects of Mercury retro much more then the rest of us, but as I point out in Cosmic Navigator, each one of us has all the signs in our chart, so don’t be lazy, pull out your Free Chart from my web site (you will see a tab on the main page) and use part II of Cosmic Navigator to interpret your chart and see in what houses you have these signs (at the risk of sounding like a Jewish Mother, I paid good money to license the best software out there so you guys can get a free chart with no email trails and advertisements – so USE IT!). For example, if you have Libra in the house of relationship and Mercury will be retrograding in Libra between Sep 6th to the 29th , you will experience many tricks, miscommunications, and misunderstanding with your partner – not the best time to get engaged or get married, right? Astrology does not tell us what will happen, it shows us options and possibilities, it is the super computer of creation. It is up to us to use the interface in a wise way.

The other planets that are retrograding this year:

Saturn Retrograde – Dec 31st – May 16th
Take it easy with big projects expect delays or issues with figures of authorities.

Venus Retrograde: March 6th to April 17th
Some trouble in money or relationships. Best to avoid forming partnerships or marriages.

Jupiter Retrograde: June 15th – Oct 12th
Some blocks in receiving your dues, gifts come from within and not from outside.

Mars Retrograde: December 20th to March 2010
Chose your battles wisely and avoid confrontations. This aspect can cause conflicts even between best of friends let alone among hostile parties.

Now let’s talk about the transits of Jupiter. Jupiter has just moved into the sign Aquarius and that means great news to those of us who are Aquarius who have an Aquarius rising or a large amount of planets in Aquarius. The impatient among you probably runt: what does that mean? Well, the best way to understand the future is to look at the past. You can be your own astrologer! Go back to 1997, 1985, 1972 which were other years that hosted Jupiter in Aquarius and ask yourself in what area of your life did you experience an expansion, an opportunity that unfolded or a leap in your life and then you can predict that that area will enjoy another breakthrough this year. It is almost as if 12 years ago you planted a seed and now you have a full grown tree bearing fruits.

For example, 12 years ago I studied astrology in Mexico and now, I am writing this blog from Sofia, Bulgaria, because I am in the middle of touring Europe with my book on astrology. Astrology happened to be ruled by Aquarius.
To make it even more powerful, the reason I stayed in Mexico long enough to study astrology in the first place was because I formed a rock band called “Sirius” (the Tarot card of Aquarius is the Star) and Cha Cha, the guitar player in the band, was the one who led me to the astrology study group in the first place (Aquarius rules groups as well as bands). Please go to this link to hear the music we made. www.CosmicNavigator.com/free/sirius Even astronomers, who try as hard as they can to disassociate themselves from astrology, chose 2009 to be the official year of astronomy! Their reasoning is that 2009 marks the 400 years anniversary to the invention of the telescope. Well, the telescopes was invented by Galileo who was an Aquarius and who many believe was an avid astrologer. Stars as well as stargazing have been associated with the archetype of Aquarius for thousands of years.
Another way to benefit from the gifts of bestowed by Jupiter in Aquarius is to become more an Aquarius this year. Aquarius in astrology rules friends, groups, organizations, community, humanitarian work, hope, technology, computers and science. The more you bath in these energies the more benevolence will you attract. President Obama ran his whole campaign on Aquarian slogans and phrases as if he drew them right out of an astrological text book. Hope, change and empowerment (yes we can!), as well as grass roots and social networks are all under the rulership of Aquarius (not to mention Oprah, perhaps one of his greatest supporter, is an Aquarius). It is not surprising that both President Obama’s rising sign and Jupiter are in Aquarius. Did he use Astrology? Probably not, more likely Astrology used him, just like Kabbalah uses Madonna…

Go back to 12, 24, 36 and 48 years ago and identify the cycle that relates to breakthrough in awareness, friendships, communities, or any kind of quantum leap.

Another aspect I would like to cover in this blog are the important moons this year since you are recieveing this communication on the New Moon in Aquarius. Add these dates to your callender:

In Eclipses, secrets are revealed, unresolved issues emerge and magic is in the air.

Jan 25th – Solar Eclipse - Chinese New Year
Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon on Feb 9th Leo
June 22nd SuperMoon (*) new Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto (super intense!)
Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon, July 7th in Capricorn
SuperMoon – Eclipse New Moon – July 22nd in Cancer
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon, August 5th in Aquarius
SuperMoon – New Moon, August 20th in Leo
Partial Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon – Dec 31 in Cancer

*Supermoon occurs when the Moon is closest to the Earth while opposing the Sun. She looks bigger and has a more powerful and dramatic affect…

Remember to start new things on the New Moon and show gratitude and complete things on the Full Moon. Refer to my prior blog post on the Moon.

Since the Chinese New Year starts on the New Moon in Aquarius, make an effort to start a new project or a new relationship with something or someone. It is going to be a good year if we make it so. If we surf the electromagnetic waves of Aquarius, ride the frequencies of friendship, altruism, kindness and respect we will have the best year ever. The Hebrew letter associated with Aquarius is Tzadik – the Saint. Each one of us will meet or become a saint this year. It’s super exciting!

In the next Spiritalk I will give a general description of the energies of the different signs.


Here's how Tuesday's oath went:

Roberts: ... that I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully ...
Obama: ... that I will execute ...
Roberts: ... the off -- faithfully the pres -- the office of president of the United States ...
Obama (at the same time): ... the office of president of the United States faithfully ...

The two got the rest correct, including the nonobligatory "So help you God?" "So help me God."

(Source: CNN)