2009 – Part III – Your Sign and Your Assignments in the Year Ahead

2009 Part III – Navigations

Your sign is your spiritual tribe. It is the archetype to which you decided to be born in this lifetime. Below you will find a description of the challenging as well as harmonious aspects each tribe will encounter this year. Remember, these do not describe your future but rather the territories your clan will navigate in 2009 on the way to the Promised Land.

There are two planets that are important azimuths in pinpointing what each sign will have to deal with each year, these two heavenly bodies provide the energetic coordinates allowing us, Cosmic Navigators, to stir our crafts into our port of destiny. These planets are Jupiter, the provider of luck fortune and abundance and Saturn, the planet of Karma, challenges but also the lessons that make us great. Imagine yourself sitting in the pilot’s seat of a fancy interglacial spacecraft. You were assigned by your clan to be the official Cosmic Navigator. Look at your right and you will see a handle. That handle is called Jupiter and it’s the accelerator. This handle propels speed, opportunities, synchronicities and success. Wait! Don’t touch it before you know what the other handle to your left does. Yes, that one, try to move it. You see, it takes more force to move it around and is not as lubricated. It is the handle called Saturn. This handle controls the mechanism that slows you by creating resistance, it’s your brakes, just in case the Jupiter handle causes you to smash into an asteroid or any other blocks. This handle functions as a regulator of energy by introducing discipline, persistence, endurance and can create some frustrations and challenges if you are impatient. It is the area your tribe is asked to fix, it’s the part of creation God has assigned to your spiritual clan to mend and rectify so other signs can use safely in the future. It is not always the challenging aspect of life. It might actually be the area in your life that will fill you with the most fulfillments. It’s all about your attitude.

Now you are ready to read the manual that will help you navigate between the different energies in 2009. In Kabbalah, Saturn represents the sphere Understanding. It shows you what you and your sign have to understand, what areas of your life you need to master. Jupiter is associated with the sphere Mercy – the area in your life you will receive the grace of God, gifts and easy flow. Before you just scroll down to find your own sign and the sign of your loved ones, you should know that astrology works in different layers. Each sign should be viewed as destinations, energetic domains. So while it is important to know what is the “political” situation of your own sign, you should look at the rest of the signs because they represent aspects of life that you might be interested in. For example, you might be a Taurus, but if you want to get married this year, it means you will have to visit the land called Libra (Libra is the ruler of relationships). It is like finding the political situation in Greece before you travel there even if you are an American who is concerned with bailouts and such. If you know you need more money, you need to look at Taurus, since Taurus is the sign of finance. It doesn’t matter if you are a Taurus or not. But knowing that Jupiter for Taurus is in the house of Career, it means that to generate money you must pay attention to synchronicities around your career. But at the same time you have to know that Taurus-Land will face some challenges in the house of love, fun and creativity. Maybe you will have to compromise some partying, fun and happiness to generate more opportunities in your career. Or maybe you will be forced to spend less time with your children, because your are trying to connect to Taurus that is challenged with children this year. Another example you can draw from President Obama. Let’s imagine he sat down with his astrologer and said to him – I want to be the leader (the sign Aries) of the free world in 2009. Regardless of the fact that he is a Leo, he needs to connect to the archetype of Aries. In 2009 for Aries Jupiter will be in the 11th house, the house of groups, internet, communities, grassroots, networks, change, hope, democracy and equality. The astrologer will suggest he should draw words such as hope, change, Yes we can, and not more Leo slogans such as “Yes, I can” or “My Will be Done.” But Saturn whose job is to fix us and help us grow is in the 6th house the house of work and service. And behold, on the inauguration, 2 million people arrived to celebrate THEIR victory with their chosen candidate, but the annalists and media were saying that it was a sober celebration because the amount of WORK (6th house) the new president has to face is unprecedented.

So there are two levels that you can look at what we are going to talk about now. One is like ‘I’m a cancer and I don’t care about anything else’, the other one is there are certain aspects in our lives that we need to fix. Below next to each sign you will see the area of life that the sign rules and it will make it easy for you to see what you need to connect to regardless if its your sign.

Here are your assignments and missions for conquering the Universe in 2009:


Area of Life: Leadership, Initiation, Passion, Energy, Confidence, Health and Body.

Jupiter, the accelerator is tuned towards the eleventh house, which is the house of friends, groups, organizations, hope, and change. Remember how President Obama used this words to fly himself all the way from Springfield, IL to Washington, DC. Saturn, your brakes is in the sixth house and that means that you have to focus on work, health and diet. Put together in an Archetypal equation: focus on your work service and health so you can benefit humankind and connect with new friends. Make order in your life and the place you will see expansion will be with corporations and organizations. Aries’ job is to serve (sixth house) their community (eleventh house).

Venus, the goddess of love and money will be in your sign Feb 2nd - April 19th so use this swell of beauty in your life to form good partnerships and create abundance. March 6th to April 17th Venus is retrograding in your sign – time to revaluate your relationships and your approach to money and talents.


Area of Life: Money, Finance, Self Worth, Talents and Values.

The Taurus navigators shift this year the acceleration handle to the10th gear – the house of career, destiny, and status while the handle of brakes is geared towards the fifth house of love, children, entertainment, gambling, creativity, fun, and happiness. It does not mean that all Taurus folks are going to be awfully depressed or deprived of love. It suggest that the time of speculation, gambling, inflation with that archetype is now over (hence the need to rectify the excesses of bonuses and stop relaying on the stock market). In order to feel the promised expansion in career there will be a need to focus, be disciplined and change the ways that so far has brought you happiness and fun. It also means that there is a need to change the stock market (since it became a bear and no longer is a bull).

Watch for Venus in your sign between April 19th to June 6th that is a great time to make contacts, heal relationships and push your finance a nudge.

Mars is entering your sign May 31st to July 11th and will share some time in your sign with Venus his lover. Love will be in the air for you guys, as well as passion and energy to move mountains.


Area of Life: Siblings, Relatives, Communication, Writing, Mind, Negotiations, and Neighbors

Even if you are not a Gemini, if you are a writer, a communicator, work in the media you should read this carefully. Your accelerator is geared towards the ninth house which is the house of foreign cultures, mass media, teaching, documentaries, and also…well, in- laws. So be nice to your mother-in-law, because there are a lot of messages that can help you that she might be hiding in her bag of tricks. There will be a shift in the way you look at the meaning of life and your philosophies. But there is a rub, you brakes are geared towards the house of home and family. This is a powerful year to commit and focus on your family life, your sense of safety and security (start saving). Not a bad year to buy a house which means you will have to pay attention to expenses and watch your money. It is interesting that you Gemini will have again to do two things at the same time – travel and be home! But that is why a Gemini are born two in one!

Venus will be in your sign between June 6th to July 5th. That is the best time for relationships, pleasure and success with finance.

Mars is in your sign July 11 to August 25th. Lots of passion and energy but also unnecessary fights especially caused by how you express yourself. Watch what you write and say! Be extra careful August 10th


Area of Life: Home, Family, Compassion, and Security.

If you live in the United States you should read this since the US is a Cancer. Your shift gear is pointing at the 8th house, which is the house of transformation, sexuality, intimacy, business, death and magic. This is a great sexy year for Cancers. It’s a time for investments, joint financial projects and big shifts. But you will need to put the Saturnian brakes on otherwise nothing will happen. The brakes will be associated with communications because the handle of resistance is geared toward the 3rd house of mind, communications, writing, and neighbors. If you plan to build a love shack, make sure you got permits because the neighbors might complain.

As a Moon child you should be aware of these dates: June 22nd there is new Moon in Cancer which is opposite Pluto. It might affect your relationships with your mother or any other mother figure. Can result in manipulation, power struggle on emotional levels. On July 22nd there is an Eclipse New Moon, something will be revealed! And finally the last day of the years is yours since on Dec 31st there will be a Full Moon in your sign! You are going to lead us into 2010.

Venus is paying a visit between July 6th to August 26th and with her she brings gifts in relationships and finance.

Mars, the planet of drive, passion and aggression will be in your sign from August 25th to October 16th giving you a push forward and helping you initiate projects.


Area of Life: Love, Happiness, Children, Gambling, Creativity, Entertainment and Spirituality.

Your accelerating gear is fixed on the 7th house – the house of relationship and marriage. If you are a Leo, get married! Not only that you will get a lot of gift from your wedding but also your partner will start making a lot of money or will just fill your life with joy. Business partners as well can be a good source of blessings for you. But, yes, even Leos will have to hold with their left hand the brakes, you will have to focus and be disciplined in matters of the 2nd house – the house of money and values. You have to change and readjust your values and your self image. For once you will not be the one getting the glory and the fame, it will be your partner! It will teach you humility but will also change your assertion that only you can make it happen or that everything depends on you. You are letting go of the reins and you will be surprised that the chariot actually runs faster… Remember, Hollywood and entertainment is ruled by Leo. This year will not be an easy year for Hollywood. They will have to partner with other countries or go more independent if they want to keep their spot as leaders of the entertainment world.

There might be some changes of course as you fly to your destination this year. Watch the New Moon, on August 20th which will be in your own sign and the Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon on Feb 9th which also be activating you.

August 26th to September 20th Venus will be in your sign offering help in relationships and money.

Mars will be in your sign from October 16th till March 2010. It will make you more prone to anger and warring energy but it can also make things happen. It will also be retrograding in your sign so watch it!


Area of Life: Work, Service, Health, Diet and Pets

Jupiter, the accelerator will be creating opportunities for Virgos in the 6th house - the house of health and work. You will enjoy an expansion in the work space, promotions, more responsibilities and recognition. It is also a great time for you to go on a diet and heal yourself. That is great news because you Virgos had your spacecraft under construction for the last two and a half years (since September 2007) and it will be ready for intergalactic cruising if all goes well in November 2009. You will have a new body, a new vehicle and a new vigor you have not experienced in a long time. If you don’t have a pet, this is the time to adopt one! However, Saturn is still running tests on your spacecraft and is focused on your first house the house of body and identity. You still have to ask yourself such existential questions such as “who am I?” and “what am I here for.” You might be forced to change your path, your location and your view of life.

Venus is in your sign between September 20th and October 14th it is a time for fun, pleasure, help with money and relationships.


Area of Life: Relationships, Partnerships, Contracts, Art, Fashion, Music, Design, Law, and Enemies.

Jupiter, the mover and shaker is in your 5th house, the house of fun and children. Libra wants to have fun and may even find themselves blessed with children or many creative projects this year. I suggest you enjoy it while it lasts because from November 2009 you will have Saturn take your spacecraft to run some repairs. Last time he did it was between 1980-1982 and you are long due for a general checkup. It’s not too bad since you will end up having by 2012 a great super modern spaceship but until then expect delays… This is a good year to start training, do some sports and really enjoy life. You might even fall in love either with someone or with love itself. Saturn is starting to pull you with its gravitational forces towards the repair docks, which means that it’s shifting gear to the 12th house – the house of mysticism, past lifetimes, and the house of letting go. You need to perform some sacrifice, let go of something or go on a retreat, cleanse yourself or get rid of an addiction. The fun we talked about earlier is not partying!

Venus is coming home (your ruler) between October 14th to November 7th it will bring much help in relationships and improve your finance


Area of Life: Death, Sexuality, Transformation, Magic, Investments, Business, Intimacy and Healing

So, anyone who wants to have good SEX in 2009 should read this. Jupiter is generating an acceleration in your 4th house – the house of home and family, so it’s not about wandering around, it’s about focusing on your emotions and feelings which should be overall a piece of cake for a sign known for intimacy and sexuality. You will be lucky with real estate and family life. A good year to get pregnant or renovate your home. The place you will feel the brakes of Saturn is in the 11th house of friends, communities, people, groups, and organizations. Maybe some power struggles and manipulations in your organization or group of friends might cause you to retreat and focus on the positivity you will get from home. Good year to work from home.

From November 7th to Dec 1st, Venus will come bearing gifts in love, relationships and money.


Area of Life: Traveling, Foreigners, Higher Education, Luck, Optimism, Teaching and Mass Communication.

Jupiter, the accelerator handle is actually made in Sagittarius, is going through the 3rd house which is the house of communication, writing and networks. This is the time to cerate an infra-structure of contacts and agents that can further your goals and market your talents. You guys have a special affinity to going faster and higher; be careful not to over commit and say yes to too many people or too many projects. Pluto just left your sign which was causing you a lot of problems since 1993 and now you won’t have to deal with him for the next 250 years! You will feel much better very soon. Gifts will be abound this year especially coming from neighbors, siblings, and relatives. The place Saturn will challenge you the most is the 10th house which is the house of career. You might feel that your status in your community is not as good and that is one more reason to hire a good PR. Use this year to inform everyone about what you have instead of trying to acquire new set of tools or a new career.

From Dec 1st to Dec 25th Venus is in your sign. Expect some help in relationships, love and money.


Area of Life: Career, Destiny, Success, Status in the Community, Ambition and Structure.

Your handle of expansion is geared towards the 2nd house the house of money talents and self worth. That is great news for you since money will flow easier this year. You will most likely start feeling better about yourself, discovering new talents that can be translated to money. However, Saturn, which is has a small sticker that reads: Made in Capricorn (it’s the ruler of your sign), is going to be in the 9th house of traveling and higher education. Not the best year to travel or if you do it needs to be in order to make money or study. Since this is also the house of truth you better not lie! You are the sign of Karma which means that you have to listen to old John Lennon who warned – “Instant karma gonna get you.”

Another day to pay attention is July 7th when you will experience an Eclipse and Full Moon in your sign. A long process will come to an end and within two week a new one will be born.

Venus will be in your sign from Dec 25th and will help you move to the next year with better finance, more social activities and love.


Area of Life: Humanity, Hope, Corporations, Democracy, Change, Aliens, Technology, Philanthropic Activities and Altruism.

This is a blessed year to Aquarius people and to all of us who believe in altruism, love of humanity and technology. Change is upon us! The man who is the leader of the free world has an Aquarius rising and Jupiter in Aquarius. This is your year and you better use this window of limitless possibilities, otherwise you will have to wait for 2021. So if the Mayans are right, we are not going to even be here by then, so you’d better move it. Like we said, last time it happened it was 1997. Your Jupiter is now in the 1st house, it’s the house of your body, your identity. You have the chance to change course and be whoever you want, you can start a whole new path. Saturn who is your traditional ruler (before the discovery of Uranus), will be in your 8th house of sexuality, death and transformation. As you chose a new path, the old must transform and die and you might be a little blocked sexuality or in need to change something about how you approach sexuality. There is a Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on August 5th in Aquarius. You will put to an end a long process or project.

Watch the dates May 23-30 as Jupiter is touching Chiron and Neptune 26 degrees Aquarius

Mars is entering your sign from Feb 1st and will be there until March 14th, lots of energy and movement, just chose your battles wisely and don’t be a daredevil. Feb 17th can be a great day with lots of passion and drive.


Area of Life: Mysticism, Part Lifetimes, Imagination, Dance, Poetry, Extra Dimensions, Faith, and Dreams.

Jupiter in super charging you in the 12th house, which is something you love, because the 12th house is your own house. It will make you high with life! It is like having your house upgraded and refurnished. Pisces is the archetype of mysticism, so you are going to have a period of time where you’re going to feel much more psychic, your nights and siestas (Einstein, a fellow Pisces was all about siestas btw) dreams are going to be very vivid and prophetic and you might even enjoy direct contact with the divine beings. But even the siestas have to have an alarm clock to separate the sleep in the afternoon from the sleep at night and therefore, Saturn might challenge you in the 7th house of relationships. There will be a need to help your partners, pay attentions to the small prints in the contracts you sign or draft and be careful from enemies or people who might want to sabotage. It is a good time to get married or divorced.

Venus is in your sign until Feb 2nd which is a great time with love, money and contacts.

Mars will be in your sign. Mars enters your sign March 14th to April 27th. You will be a bundle of energy but you also might attract some aggression. It is time to assert yourself, you have the 300 Spartan at your side…April 15th will be interesting, Mars and Uranus are touching each other and creating a big leap forward, be careful where you land…