April Highlights

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Uranus in Aries and Japan

Mercury Retrograde April 2011

March 30th - Mercury, the planet that helps us close business deals, communicate, connect, receive emails and snail-mail, as well as sign documents and travel will be retrograde for three weeks. This might hinder these aspects of life so take heed with how you relate and communicate with others until April 23rd.

April 2nd – Mars, the planet of energy, passion and leadership is moving into Aries. These next few weeks you will feel more energized and able to accomplish more things. Be careful from violence and aggression towards yourself and others. Choose your battles wisely. Sun opposite to Saturn might cause issues with figures of authorities or being pushed and pull between powerful individuals.

April 3rd – Mars and Uranus conjunct. Accidents and mishaps abound. Don’t drop your computer and careful how you drive. It also means you might meet a younger ingenious innovative man. Your projects might take an unexpected turn. New Moon in Aries, the first New Moon of the astrological year. A great day for new beginnings.

April 6th – A blessed day with a great deal of expansion and growth.

April 8th – Moon and Saturn dance harmoniously. Older women or ladies of authorities will help you with your projects.

April 9th – A great deal of activity as the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury align. Creativity imagination and logic serving each other. Messages are coming today that will set you on a new path.

April 13th – Powerful fiery passionate day. Very good for artists and women as the Moon and Venus create an alliance.

April 17th – Full Moon in Libra. A powerful portal for liberation. Traditionally, Passover Dinner, that commemorates the exodus from slavery to the Promised Land, occurs on this Full Moon. (This year it will be on April 18th)

April 19th – Be extra careful today with misunderstanding and problems with government, people of authority, bosses etc.

April 20th – The Sun moves to Taurus for the next 30 days. Spring is officially in full bloom. It is a great month to connect your talents, assets, make more money and feel good about yourself.

April 21st – Venus is joining her lover Mars in Aries. New relationships are coming into your life. A sense of renewal in partnerships.

April 22nd – Venus conjunct Uranus – new unique, crazy, wild, funny and spontaneous relationship is coming into your life. It also might mean an encounter with an ingenious young woman who is an artists or very creative.

April 24th – Mercury is out of retrograde but give it a few more days for everything to settle. Blocked projects will open up.

April 28th – Venus opposite Saturn – some issues with lawyers, contracts and relationships.

April 30th – Mars conjunct Jupiter. You will feel like a bundle of energy running around making things happen. A great time for sports and physical activity.

Happy Spring!