August 16th Eclipse and the whole 08-08-08 Business

On August 16th we will experience the second act of the drama that was unfolded on the Solar eclipse of Aug 1st. This coming Full Moon in Aquarius represents the completion of a process started on the New Moon in Leo two weeks ago. I received many emails and comments about how powerful, challenging and transforming the weekend of August 1st was on so many levels. It does not mean this coming eclipse will be adding gasoline to the wildfires the eclipse started, but it does suggest that whatever was initiated on the new moon will come full circle on the full moon. So, as the poets say, take heed!

This eclipse in Aquarius, the sign of humanity, friends, groups and organizations will ask us to let go of whatever is holding us back, as a society and as individuals from experiencing the full range of energies of the Age of Aquarius (see below the excerpt). It will ask us to examine all our friendships, clubs and groups we belong to and reassess our connection to our fellow human beings. On this full moon weekend, spend time with your friends or find activities that might introduce you to a new circle of friends…

So what is it about the 08-08-08 that freaks out as well as inspires people all over the world? Well, unless you are on the Olympic team, you need not concern yourself with that date. It, as the Taurean Shakespeare reminds us, much to do about nothing. There is no portal, vortex, doorway, star-gate or any opening to a different dimension happening today. It’s just a plain old day with a great name, a kind of the Paris Hilton of the calendar. It is very rare for any date on the Gregorian calendar to mean anything, since after all it’s not really August 8 2008 today, since the calendar has been manipulated and changed many times. So there you have it, I spoiled the party. The only reason some people feel strange this weekend is because it happen to fall smack in the middle of the two powerful eclipses. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, since 8-8-08 happens to fall during Leo, the date itself started feeling awfully special and thinks it is the king of all dates. Ha! Thank God we have the upcoming eclipse in Aquarius, the sign of democracy, to bring the power and attention to the rest of the days…

The Chinese with their deep love to the number 8 (in Feng Shui, 88 is double happiness) have chosen this date for the Olympics based on its over populated digit 8. For me it is somewhat bewildering that a government who does whatever it can to suppress religion, faith and mysticism, should be so superstitious…

It makes me wonder…

They say that the first and most important faculty for philosophers, as in those who love wisdom, is the ability and inclination to…wonder. This, of course, promotes Alice and her lovely Wonderland, from a dreamy girl into a great philosopher. This line of somewhat unreasonable reason, also upgrades all of us who are busy daydreaming while we wait for the traffic lights to change, to philosophers and thinkers.

I love to wonder.

And I guess I am trying to make a case for my wondering in general and perhaps rationalize my need to wonder off into strange places as a philosophical pursue which could almost qualify as a tax deductible use of time. I wanted to share with you an excerpt of my book, entitled, The Age of Aquarius, which was written in one of these moments of wonder. It will also help you understand the upcoming eclipse in Aquarius as well as the next 2000 years…
Hope to see you in person especially if you are in NYC between Sep 1-7th

Gahl Eden Sasson

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign of the future. And we experience the same difficulty in predicting and forecasting the future as we encounter when we attempt to categorize and understand Aquarius people. Aquarius is the most unpredictable and fluctuating archetype. The fact that they fall under no category is the only category that they fall under. Aquarians, the people of the future, view the past as nothing more than a chain that ties us down. They see the past as redundant, done, and gone. Instead, they proclaim, let’s focus on what is to come. Let’s see what we can do about making the future better. Your house of Aquarius functions like this too. It marks the area of your life in which you harbor great hope for the future.

At the risk of alienating the Aquarians, I need to write a bit about the past, if only to illuminate the future—the Age of Aquarius that the hippies rejoice over in the wonderful musical Hair. Astrology divides history into ages that last about two-thousand years. Each age is named after a sign—only the progression of the ages move counter to the normal procession of the signs through the calendar year. For example, the Age of Aries started in the year 2000 BCE. The Age of Pisces lasted from the year 0 to about AD 2000, and so forth. We now stand at the crossroad between the Age of Pisces, which is the age of faith and religion, and the Age of Aquarius, or the age of knowledge and science. This transition, which has been occurring for about the last four hundred years, is fraught with turmoil. You can see it in the world
around us. While some parts of the world become more Aquarian—more computerized, scientific, and modern—other groups of people cling to the dying age of religious fanaticism and narrow-mindedness. Even within the most advanced, egalitarian, and futuristic societies like the United States, religious fundamentalism battles
against scientific advances like the theory of evolution and stem-cell technology. While scholars such as Samuel Huntington contend that wars around the globe erupt as a result of clashes between civilizations, I believe these wars spring from the fault lines that divide Aquarius and Pisces—between Pisces-based religious philosophies
and those that venerate Aquarian-ruled science and equality. For thousands of  years, astrologers have prophesied that the Age of Aquarius heralds the Age of Humankind, the era when our species will evolve to a higher spiritual state. Kabbalah has dubbed this period the Age of Sabbath. And the Mayan prophecies dictate that a new age of timelessness will begin in 2012. Great shifts—including war and scientific and medical revolutions—have cropped up with terrifying speed as the world embraces the unpredictable energies of Aquarius.

From the discovery of the planet Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in 1781, we have dived deeper and deeper into the Age of Aquarius. The liberte, egalite, fraternite of the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and the information and cyber revolutions represent just a few blips on the radar screen of this new epoch. In alchemy, the symbol of Aquarius (k) signifies the vital assimilation
of substances. We witness a similar process of assimilation in the realities of globalization, political free-trade zones like the European Union and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the merging—often through corporate expansion (McDonald’s, American Idol, Nintendo) or the transfer of spiritual rituals form the East to the West (yoga in Iowa) and the West to the East (Jesus in Korea)—of people from different races and cultures. Cell phones, computers, the Internet, satellites, and many other Aquarian inventions have fused humans together on every inch of the globe. Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore in the Far East have built western-styled skyscrapers, financial institutions, casinos, and Starbuck’s shops, while Eastern-born yoga, Zen, and martial arts flourish in Europe and the United States.

Electromagnetic waves, the prevailing symbol of this burgeoning archetype, deliver the Aquarian message of union, equality, and fraternity by wireless technology. Today, mobile phones connect billions of people, groups, and ideologies. About 2.8 billion cell phones are in use worldwide with about 1.6 million added every day.
By 2011, an estimated 4 billion people will carry a mobile phone. Not so long ago technology was reserved for the rich, powerful, and elite. But democracy-loving Aquarius has ushered in a democratization of technology by drastically dropping the costs. Just a few years back, musicians had to wait for major labels to fund recordings in expensive analog studios. With today’s relatively economical digital gadgetry,
musicians from all over the world can record and then market their tunes right from their own bedrooms. Amateur video and filmmakers similarly share their artistic endeavors with sympathetic audiences everywhere via free Internet sites like You Tube. And financial traders buy and sell fortunes in London or Hong Kong while lounging with their laptops on the beach in Maui. Aquarius, the ruler of all this futuristic technology, has also worked to create fraternity among the machines themselves. An iPod, for example, can now link up to your running shoes and adjust the tempo of the music to the pace of your jog. It takes no great prophet to predict that electromagnetic crime, consisting of cyberpirates, a digital mafia, and computer viruses, will follow these Aquarian trends. And the next big terrorist attack likely will emerge from and within the wireless skies. National Public Radio recently interviewed an Israeli woman who had been relocated from her former home in the Gaza strip (see Capricorn discussion on Saturn return, p. XXX) [XREF]. She despaired that her financial lot had tumbled badly because she no longer inhabited the land on which she’d used to grow
Christmas trees for the European market. How funny and Aquarian that a Jew had sold trees to Christians farmed on territory that belonged to Muslims. The Oscarwinning Brokeback Mountain, a movie about the illicit love affair between two American cowboys, was filmed in Canada, directed by an Asian (Ang Lee), written by a woman (Annie Proulx), and starred heterosexual actors portraying gay men. This conglomeration of nations, genders, and subject matter mirrors the energy of assimilation Aquarius has preached for the last many years. This mutual cooperation and respect—rather than M-16 machine guns and Bradley fighting vehicles—will bring about world harmony and peace. This unification of ideas, resources, and people from all over the globe will give rise to the Age of the Aquarius. Aquarius in your chart indicates where you can facilitate the painful transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. You must change what you “believe” into what you “know.” Back your faith with reason, facts, and information. And share
it with us all.