Fall Equinox 2010

This week, on Thursday the 23rd, we have a convergence of a few interesting celestial phenomena: the Full Moon in Aries and the Fall Equinox, seasoned with Sukkoth, a very important Jewish holiday laden with symbolism and mystical meanings.

The Fall Equinox, celebrated by different cultures for millennia, has always been associated with balance, harmony and relationship, perhaps because it is the time of the year when the day and night are equal. For this reason, the Zodiac sign of Libra begins on this day. In many traditions around the Northern hemisphere, the Fall Equinox was used as a time to celebrate the harvest. While the Spring Equinox represents what we sow, the Fall Equinox symbolizes what we reap. To understand what it personally means to you, go back to the end of March beginning of April and identify what relationships, projects or processes begun at that time. If you have watered, nurtured and took care of these seedlings, you should now be able to reap the benefits and fruits they bear.

This Fall Equinox is energized by the Full Moon in Aries, a powerful alignment that will make this Equinox much more noticeable. The Aries Full Moon can cause an opposition between your needs and the needs of your partner. Since Fall Equinox is the first day of Libra, this week promises to bring you some clarity on your relationships and partnerships. It is also a good time to attract a relationship into your life, both for love and for work.

Sukkoth has been celebrated by Jews around the world for thousands of years. It always fall on the Full Moon in the harvest season and is based on Leviticus 23:42 where God commands his people to live in Sukkot (huts) for seven days in remembrance of the liberated slaves that had no permanent lodging when they escaped from Egypt. At the end of the seven days, according to Jewish lore, God gave humankind the Ten Commandments.

Rabbi Akiva, perhaps the most famous rabbi in Jewish history, who was also a Kabbalist, interpret the Sukkot as a Cloud of God’s Glory, which would resemble more Luke Skywalker’s Force then an actual tent or hut.

R. Akiva says: The sukkot were the clouds of glory (Sifra to Leviticus, Emor 17:11)

The Clouds of Glory, which Rabbi Akiva tells us descends around this time of the year, is associated with the Shekinah, the feminine aspects of God. Indeed, as we saw earlier, the Fall Equinox marks the beginning of autumn and the arrival of clouds, rain, as well as the beginning of the feminine part of the year.

This week we will experience an energetic shift in “the Force,” and perchance be able to use the Clouds of Glory, like stardust that will serve to heal us and liberate us from the “funky” energy that haunted many of us since the beginning of August.

Thursday, the 23


, is a celestial watershed, a swell of energy we can all use in order to reach our goals and find peace.