Leo Eclipse

On August 1st we will experience a total solar eclipse in Leo. A total solar eclipse is caused when the moon covers up the sun by passing directly between it and the earth. Traditionally, this planetary alignment was associated with misfortune. But we cannot seriously make the eclipses the scapegoats for our problems. What the eclipses do is unveil secrets, release the beasts from our inner Guantanamo-Bay and bring them to our awareness. The eclipse did not put the dirt under the rug, it only shows us what was already there, thus forcing us to bring the vacuum cleaner. Eclipse are associated with the deepest layer of our subconscious. If heaven and hell have each seven levels, then I am sure the subconscious has 7 as well and if so, the eclipse has the magic of transmitting our awareness to the deepest layer. It is a psychic elevator to the place where we keep all our X files. That is what is happening this weekend.

This eclipse is especially powerful since it is located in the Golden State of Leo. It is as if the eclipse will strip the king of ceremony and ritual and show us the naked emperor. Leo is associated with the ego and this eclipse will do all in its power to humble us and peel off whatever part of the ego that blocks us or stand in our path to happiness and creativity, which are also ruled by Leo. Since Mercury will conjunct the eclipse, it will help us receive a message, a communication, a clue, a book, an email or an intellectual opportunity to better understand what aspect of our ego we need to let go of. It will probably be something to do with fear, a childhood fear (Leo rules children). Something you still carry with you from the ages of 3-7. Something that might have served you well at that age, but is no longer needed, like an army in times of peace. The New moon of each month (August 1st) determines the energy of the next 30 days. It will set the intention for the next lunar cycle. Start something new on the New Moon and send it out to the Moon. Then focus on gratitude on the Full Moon in two weeks time. Since Leo is the sign of sports, entertainment, fun and happiness, you should initiate these activities either practically or symbolically in these next few days.


Since Leo is also the sign of spirituality, and the eclipse is associated with unveiling, I decided to make the downloads of my astrology lectures of the 12 signs free, so anyone who wants to connect to their own sign or the sign of their loved one can just get it for free. Please pass it along so more people can utilize these lectures.

Have a great and enlightening Eclipse, just don’t get stuck in the elevator that goes down…