Moon Void of Course - Her Lunarship and Her Regal Issues

Change is upon us all, regardless if you are in the USA or even if you can vote, the results of the Nov 4th election will affect directly or indirectly every person on this planet. In fact, looking at the ideological difference between the two candidates, this upcoming presidential election will affect Mother Nature herself as well as our already marred relationship with her.

A close look at the astrological climate on Election Day shows that the planets agree with the notion that we are at a tipping point. On November 4th, Saturn, the planet that rules traditional values, conservatism, caution, and maturity is precisely opposite to Uranus, the planet associated with reform, grassroots movements, computers and technology, humanism, hope and youth. Never before, has the opposition between the two parties and two candidates reflected the opposition between these two planets in such a precise way. Even though the poles show a strong significant lead to Obama, do not let the lead mislead you. When these two planets oppose you can expect the unexpected. Regardless of your political views, my suggestion is don’t trust the polls, go vote!

To add to the celestial drama her Lunarship is having issues almost all of next Tuesday. On November 4th the Moon will be Void of Course from 1:47am to 7pm EST. So what does that mean?

Void of Course means that the Moon will make any aspects with any other planet before she enters a new sign. Imagine the Moon to be a busy mother who is cooking energies, creating opportunities, telling stories and so forth but since there are no aspects to other planets, none of her children or family members are there to enjoy or appreciate it. She will then get very annoyed and frustrated until she will go into a rage and start sabotaging everything. That is why astrologers recommend to avoid having important meetings, signing documents or doing significant things when the Moon is (a)voiding course. It is said that while the Moon is Void of Course, things do not manifest or hold on. It is as if there are no hooks or energetic nails that can hold fast reality. These times are good to undo contracts, break vows, and deliver bad news since the negative information will not be attached to you.

This means that Election Day will be marred by intimidations, long lines that might go way beyond the closing of poles as well as glitches and issues with the voting machines. If you can vote before Nov 4th do so in the name of the Moon.

When the Moon finally finds her course in the evening of November 4th, she will sail into the sign of Aquarius. This is another interesting synchronicity since the USA’s natal moon is in Aquarius. It means that America is coming home, to its lost values. Perhaps at last we can truly declare the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Here is a good web site that provides a calendar of the Moon. It has all the phases as well as the Void of Course periods. Just make sure you change the city where you are located.

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