New Moon Solar Eclipse - July 21st-22nd

I am sending you this short message from the Mother of all Cities, Istanbul. The Muezzin just finished his last call for prayer and whoever did not hid the summon, will probably have to pray on his on. I am a guest at a super beautiful boutique hotel called Villa Blanche where I conduct my readings. If you ever visit Istanbul and want to stay in a oasis, away from franchised - over priced and sadly designed hotels, you should check this place out.

On July 7th we all experienced the first eclipse for this summer, the Full Moon in Capricorn. You should go back two weeks and find out in what area of your life you were touched around that time. Wherever it was, the saga continues on July 21st and 22nd where we will encounter the New Moon Solar Eclipse right on the border between Cancer and Leo. Since the new moon is right at the cusp between these two energy fields it will have a broader radiation, thus affecting a wider range in your chart and life. Since Uranus, the planet of change, revolution, innovation and freedom is sending a benevolent ray towards the Moon and Sun, it will mark a new beginning, an insight, a revolution in your life. Uranus, the Joker, will demand a leap of faith, a change in an aspect of your life. Below is a list according to signs where you might experience this change. New Moon, especially eclipses, usually indicate a new beginning to a long term project. It is better you wait a few days to see how you deal with the new energies before you start a new project, but over all, it should be a nice swell of energy worth surfing. Give the eclipse a week or two to show its full effects on your life.

Aries: You will experience it in the house of home and family. It will be emotional and might involve a mother figure or a family member.

Taurus: The eclipse will affect you in the house of travel, siblings, relatives and neighbors. It also might come as a communication, email or message.

Gemini: The eclipse affects your house of money and self worth. The new moon might connect you to a new source of income or reveal the futility of an old project.

Cancer: Watch your body, drive slow, walk slow and take it easy for the next few days. The eclipse is in your sign and affects your house of body. You might find yourself at last on the yellow bricked road to Oz.

Leo: The eclipse will awaken old memories from this lifetime and past. You might decide to let go of something you were holding on for too long.

Virgo: The eclipse will affect or be transmitted to you through a friend or an organization you belong to. It might change the way you see your future.

Libra: The eclipse touches your house of career. There might be a new opportunity but for that to happen you might have to abandon false hopes.

Scorpio: If you are traveling now to a foreign country or in school it might affect you more. It will bring a new insight, philosophy or a brand new understanding of the meaning of life.

Sagittarius: The eclipse affects your house of death, sexuality and transformation. Please be extra careful the next week. However, you will be able to make a lot of magic with finance.

Capricorn: The eclipse is in your house of relationship but its also the house of enemies and courts. Chose your battles wisely.

Aquarius: The eclipse will open new job opportunities, but take care of your diet and watch your health.

Pisces: The eclipse influences your house of love, happiness and creativity. There is a lot of action with romance but be careful from illicit love affairs…

Have a great week and a happy New Moon! Next Spiritalk will come from Israel…