Strange Days Indeed – Most Peculiar Mama

Two Spiritalks ago, I mentioned Venus is retrograding in Scorpio and how it is correlating to a great deal of challenges with relationships, money, contracts and self-worth. Since then, I received a great deal of emails with subject lines that read something like: “When is this over?!” or “What is happening up there?” Officially Venus will start her direct motion around November 19th but it doesn’t mean it will be difficult until that day. These celestial affairs (Venus Retrograde) or astrological stories (Uranus opposite Saturn, and so forth) contain lessons or anecdotes that are sent to us special-delivery from the Cosmos. The sooner we identify, learn and assimilate the teachings, the less pain and discomfort we experience. However, most of us are still reacting to these lessons like we did to homework when were teens: just get it over with so we can go out and play…

Since Venus is retrograding in Scorpio, you can find more clues as to what massages she brings you by looking at your natal chart and identifying what house is ruled by Scorpio. Each house rules a different aspect of life and the house that contains Scorpio is the area you are asked to fix. For example, I have Scorpio in my eighth house which happened to be among other things the house of death and reincarnation. Without planning it in advance, I found myself taking a special training with Dr. Brain Weiss and his wife Carol Weiss on past lifetime regression therapy. I didn’t wait for Venus to retrograde into my house of past lifetimes to take this training since the Weiss’ give this powerful workshop only once a year.

A client of mine has Scorpio in the house of children. Her daughter unexpectedly broke up with her boyfriend and asked if she can move in with her. Another client that has Scorpio in the house of health discovered she has a growth on her ovaries that might have been the reason she could not get pregnant (Venus rules the reproductive systems).

To find out where you have Scorpio in your chart:

Another clue to help you pinpoint your lessons from Venus, pay attention to November 5th and 6th as we experience a New Moon in Scorpio. This power new moon which sometimes is dubbed the Fallen Moon will help you access your subconscious and maybe even take you on what I call a “spontaneous past lifetime regression,” that can come through a dream, meditation or a synchronistic event.

Have a great rest of Venus retrograde and please don’t act lushly and or rashly especially with your partners and significant others. Avoid being reactive and practice stepping to other people’s shoes. It will save you a great deal of money and heartaches.