VENUS RETROGRADE March 6th - April 17th

Venus, the planet associated with finance, relationship and art is retrograding from March 6th to April 17th. Venus retrograde is a period of time when we reevaluate our relationships and discover what they really mean to us. It is also a time to examine our talents and how much are we willing to invest in them. This determines if one day that investment would make us feel better about ourselves or wealthier. While during Mercury retrograde we experience many slips of tongue that often reveal what we really thin, during Venus retrograde we often have slips-of-heart that show what we really feel. The last slip of tongue on a presidential level happened during the last Mercury Retrograde when President Obama had to retake his Oath of Office because he fumbled when he said the word faithfully.

The “slip of heart” happened just as Venus started retrograding when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented her gift (Venus rules gifts) to her counterpart (Venus rules partnerships) Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrovin. While she handed the gift Hillary Clinton said in a cheerful optimistic yes-we-can vibe: "I would like to present you with a little gift that represents what President Obama and Vice President Biden and I have been saying and that is: 'We want to reset our relationship and so we will do it together,'" They genuinely wanted to reset the relationship, that is for sure, but Venus had other plans for the party. She magically erased the word reset and instead wrote the Russian word: peregruzka, which to Russians means “overcharge!” The Foreign Minister promised that in spite of the mistake, he will keep it on his desk. Maybe it is a secret magical affirmation device constructed in special spiritual laboratories 10 stories deep underground designed to project affirmation and messages such as “Overcharge” so that when the Minister negotiates with the US over the phone he will be more suitable to charge less for gas oil and other necessities. Who knows? If this is the last email you will get for me, then its probably true…lol

Even if you are not the Secretary of State, be careful in the next 6 weeks not to blow things out of proportions, escalate or get into reactive mode with your partners in life or in business. Since Venus is in Aries, the sign of “My Identity,” it affords us a period of time to find out what we want from our relationships. It is a rare occasion to have Venus the ruler of Libra, the sign of marriage, travel in Aries, the sign of “Me, I and myself.” These opposing archetypes generate a great deal of tensions in all aspects of life. The Tarot card depicting this energy is the Four of Wands, also called Completion.

You can see in the card the Venus and Aries signs, the green (Venus) and Red (Aries). The cards tells the story of a circle coming to an end, a completion of one stage and the move to another. The Doves (symbol of love and Venus) and the Ram (symbol of Aries) are in harmony, moving the wheel around and round. In spite of the tension created by Aries and Venus the card promises a victory parade once the forces reconcile. In the book “Tarot: Mirror of the Soul” Gred Ziegler writes about this card is the: soothing beautiful is making its way into your relationships. You may notice it first as established conditions are called into question and discussed openly. Clarifying the old is a prerequisite for a new oneness, a new beginning…

You will experience a great deal of shifts in your heart, in what you feel towards your partner and significant others. Please, talk to friends and family members before you act upon an impulse. Aries is an implosive explosive and expressive sign that tends to promote action. After all, it is the sign that is best know for the “shoot and then ask questions” strategy. Since Aries is the sign of identity and the self, in this period of time we ask ourselves what we want from our relationships, what is the identity (Aries) of our talents (Venus)? It is a time we can get liberated from past negativity that relates to relationships. Also, since Venus is retrograde, people, relationships, partners and associates from your past (past lifetimes as well) might show up with new messages for you.

A good example of how Venus Retrograde manifests in the political sphere is what we are seeing now in California with Prop 8 that bans same sex marriage. Even though Prop 8 passed the ballot in California, the Supreme Court is reevaluating its legality. Venus also rules justice and fairness. Who knows, maybe Venus Retrograde will enable Californians to regain their lost values of freedom and equality they were so famous for throughout the world before they passed the legislation that bans two individuals who are in love from getting married.

Venus also rules values and finance, so in respect to money, it could get a little bit more challenging in the next few weeks. However, since it has been tough already, Venus retrograde might actually help us get out of the financial tangle we are now experiencing and perhaps connect us to old sources of money and abundance.

Here is a list of the kind of relationships each sign will be dealing with until April 17th:

Aries: Relationships with yourself and your body
Taurus: Relationships from past lifetimes, relationships with enemies
Gemini: Relationships with organizations, friends, companies you work with
Cancer: Relationships with people of authorities, career, relationship with father figures
Leo: Relationships with foreigners, educators, teachers and the truth
Virgo: Relationships with investors, healers, spirits and criminals
Libra: Relationships with marriage partners, business partners as well as contractual relationships
Scorpio: Relationships with co-workers, employees, health issues
Sagittarius: Relationships with lovers, and children.
Capricorn: Relationships with mother figures, family members and your home
Aquarius: Relationships with siblings, neighbors and communication
Pisces: Relationships with finance, values and your own self worth.

Have a great Full Moon in Virgo