Welcome to Aquarius

February starts off with an intense square between Pluto and Saturn. It's like watching UFC fight between two guys who are fighting dirty as they square off in the ring. It's not all bad, it means you just have to be a little more careful and cautious, plan your days better and play it safe. You might have some issues with figures of authority, the government, the police...

February 6 brings some grace as Jupiter and Pluto dance to a mystical tune. Dreams, meditation and creative visualizations around that time will bring us a lot of fast results. Since Jupiter is now in Pisces, all aspects of mysticism are exalted in the next year. The Chinese New Year begins on the glorious new Moon in Aquarius happening right on Valentine's!!! The year of the Tiger...hmm...maybe the year of the Cougars...You will see more and more mature women and younger men. Why not? We are changing from a world of Sugar daddies to Honey mommies...This Valentine's Day will bring many new friendships and relationships since it is happening on the New Moon.

From February 10 Mercury enters Aquarius. This is the best location for Mercury and he will be more than happy to connect us, bring new business, improve the economy, bring back lost packages, and in general make things go faster and smoother. February 18 Sun sails into Pisces. It will make it a great month for yoga, dance, poetry, meditation, and imagination. You will meet many new imaginary friends or maybe get some instructions and insights in your dreams. February 28 is the Full Moon in Virgo which will happen with the Sun conjunct Jupiter. A very powerful and abundant Full Moon. Something you were waiting for will manifest in a synchronicity or a coincidence.