Window of Opportunity

Saturn opposite Uranus is arguably the most important transit occurring right now. It started in the fall of 2008, blasted through the skies again in Feb 2009 and right now is moving and shaking the heavenly spheres once again. Last time this transit occurred was 1965. Saturn, the conservative, traditional, and cautious is opposite to Uranus, the democratic, futuristic, and altruistic. In US politics, the Republicans are often associated with Saturn while Democrats and liberals with Uranus. It is also not surprising that the current President, who has an Aquarius rising (ruled by Uranus), enjoys a majority in Congress and Senate, since Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and luck, favors Uranus over Saturn.

This Ultimate Fighting Championship between Saturn and Uranus dominates the news headlines almost every day. Saturnian forces that are often related to fear and prejudice, attempt to uphold the draconian “Don’t ask don’t tell,” army policy, which in the last 17 years caused the army to discharge over 16,000 able men and women just because they were real warriors and didn’t want to serve their country hiding behind a lie.

Another example is the health care reform for the people (Uranus) was met with such strong opposition from big insurance companies (Saturn) or the President (Uranus) versus Sen. Tom Coburn’s Viagra amendment (Saturn).

In 1965, the last time Saturn and Uranus were pitted against each other, President Lyndon Johnson created Medicare and the Civil Rights legislation. It is as if Saturn and Uranus tell as cyclical story, when they met in 1965, they helped the US outlaw any discriminatory voting practices, which less than five decades later allowed an African American president.

If you were alive in 1965, you can go back to that year to find out what “legislation” started in your life, that now comes to completion. If you are younger than 45, this is the first time you have this powerful opposition to deal with. The best advice is not to chose sides in the celestial tag of war, but to try to integrate the forces of reform with the forces of discipline. It is the best time to make a leap of faith in your life that is based on a detailed plan. Imagine yourself to be a bipartisan committee that is assigned a project from the President of the Universe.