The Feminine Elements: Water and Earth.

The feminine elements are energies of depth and focus. They are ruled by the principal of gravity: they strive to go deeper as well as hold things together. Water always flows to the lowest place. The same goes for earth or any solid matter that obeys the laws of gravity. The Feminine energies give us life as well as heal and care for it. These are the elements of the Mother also known as the Goddess of the Earth. In Kabbalah the feminine element of God is called Shechinah. The name comes from the Hebrew word “to dwell in.” This implies that God resides in our feminine side, in the more receptive aspects of our personality. Schechina can be experienced not through action but more through meditation, which is more feminine in nature. These elements are also said to rule the subconscious. Let’s look at the first of the two feminine elements, Water.

Earth: Capricorn – “I USE,” Taurus – “I HAVE,” Virgo – “I ANALIZE”
With all due respect to Fire, Water and Air, we are all still citizens of the planet Earth. Earth is the element that puts it all together. Earth is the here and now. It is the roof over our head; it is our bank account, the five senses as well as our body. Earth rules money, structure, career, work, health, service, success, recognition, tradition, responsibility, patience, achievement, order and cleaning, material possessions, art, practicality, order, social structure, food, nature, politics, humor and all that you can see, touch, hear, smell, and taste.
The way to experience the element earth and the Earth signs is by being open to assimilating the stimuli received by the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Earth can teach us how to enjoy life, how to make the most of your journey on this planet. However, the danger posed by the element Earth, is that people tend to take it too seriously and think it is the only element that exists. This is called materialism.

The element Earth and Earth sign teach us how to connect to our bodies, to nature, and to life. As long as you have a physical form you are part of the Earth Kingdom and have to follow the rules dictated by space and time. Earth signs help us enjoy this process.

The Dark Side of Earth: Materialism, possessiveness, obsessive compulsiveness, skepticism, rigidness, over importance to social status, fanaticism, stinginess, gluttony, obsession with keeping the status qua, fixations, obsession with traditional and prejudice.