(PART II & III shall soon follow.. ; )

While the Chinese, Muslem and Jewish New Year begins on the New Moon and the Astrological New Year starts on the Spring Equinox, there is absolutely nothing energetic, celestial or mythically significant about January 1st except the fact that for some reason, be it political, synchronistic or consequential, all around the world, humanoids and their allies change the name of the year on that inauspicious date. (I agree it’s a very long sentence…)

Time and Space, we are told by scientists and mystics alike, is relative and most likely a human construct anyway, so let’s just play along and join the choir: Happy New Year!

So what is this human construct called “2009” all about?

Let’s start with some numbers. 2009 in numerology adds up to 11 since 2 and 9 yield 11. Usually in numerology we would also reduce 11 into 2 (1+1=2). However, Numerologists call the numbers 11 and 22 Master Numbers. In a sense, they govern the rest of the digits, they are the Masters. Since there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot Deck, we can assign both a letter and a Tarot card to 2009 and further expand on the archetypal nature of the year. The 11th letter in Hebrew is Kaf which means and also looks like the palm of the hand. The Tarot depicts this energy in the card “Fortune.” It is not surprising one can read one’s fortune by looking at the lines carved on the palms of one’s hands.

Is this a year of Fortune? Well, yes and no. Fortuna, the Roman goddess who personified luck, had a grand wheel that span like the looms of the three fates. Fortuna did not always bring good luck. The wheels turn, what goes up must come down. But nevertheless, the root of the Latin word Fortuna is fero – to receive. Since Kabbalah in Hebrew also means to receive, this year surly will teach us how to receive.

This year is about learning how to receive. Make an effort to say yes to opportunities as they arise without judging or second guessing. Luck is like a pet, you need to cuddle it and reinforce it. Whenever you experience a stroke of luck – finding parking, getting to work on time in heavy traffic etc, stop for a second and show gratitude. Don’t take Fortuna for granted, she does not like that…

11 has two 1s facing each other, they are said to symbolize both illumination and self destruction. One 1 makes you high the other low. The wheel of fortune turns, it goes up and down. In the card Fortune, we see three creatures: a monkey who is busy turning the wheel upward, a sphinx trying to keep it stable and a crocodile, the self destructive id, causing the wheel to go down. The only place unaffected by the action and reaction of all that monkey business is the axis. It is calm and still, at one with the One at all times. It is a point in perfect meditation. That is the story the card Fortune tells.

This year is the best year to start a new meditation regime. If you never meditated before, 2009 with its reflective energy is the best time to start and get quick results. Just lie down on your back, close your eyes and put on some monotonous calm music. Set an alarm clock for 10 minutes at first and slowly build up to 20 min. While you lie down, focus on your breath and imagine you are turning a golden wheel around and round with your breath. Inhale to the count of four, keep the breath in for the count of two, then exhale to the count of four and keep the air out for the count of two. Use the breathing to turn the wheel clockwise. Then once you get the groove, focus on the center of the wheel and that is where the best results will start happening. Give it some time, even the Lord Buddha had to sit seven days in meditation before the “special affects” kicked in…

In Hans Decoz’s book Numerology, 11 is described as the “most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious…the 11 has all the aspects of the 2, enchanted and charged with charisma… 11 walks the edge between greatness and self destruction…”

In Kabbalah, 2 and thus 11 is associated with the second sphere of the Tree of Life, Wisdom or Chockma. Wisdom is considered to be the mirror of God, thus a wise person is said to be an individual who sees God in everyone and everything they encounter. It is someone who can truly reflect the divine and bring out the God in each one of us. 11 does precisely that and so will 2009 do to us if we are open. It reflects the 1 (God) back to itself.

This year we have an opportunity to reconnect to our divine essence, the spark of God, the higher self. The next chapter of this divine lesson will occur in 2020, where the second Master Number becomes the Avatar. For 24 hours after you read these words, try to see the divine in every person and every thing you do. It is not easy but very liberating once you succeed. If someone annoys you, let it be, it is really God disguised as that person trying to teach you another aspect of his/her creation.

11, Numerologically speaking, adds up to 2. The great mystic and philosopher Pythagoras asserts it is associated with the quality of relationships. As the old saying goes “it takes two to tango,” this year’s surfboard is called Partnership and that’s what you need when you have an 11 meter swell.

This year focus on all your partnerships and relationships. This numerological assertion is backed with the fact that in November for the first time in 29 years Saturn will be moving to Libra, the sign of partnerships, contracts and marriage. Many people will find themselves coupled, engaged, married or in a new business partnership.

Besides the fact that this is great news to Virgos who had to deal with Saturn transiting in their sign for the last two years, it means that we will all have to focus on our significant others and deal with reevaluating all of our relationships, from marriage to partnerships at work and even to relationships with enemies. Last time Saturn was in Libra was 1980-1982. But more of this later…

And now to more acute astrological information: Mercury starts his retrograde motion on Jan 11th right after the Full Moon. Mercury will turn direct on Jan 31st. Since Mercury is the planet of tricks, it is tricky to say how Mercury Retro will affect you personally. I have noticed that the best, funniest, and hmm, most embarrassing synchronicities tend to happen in Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde is a worm hole between lifetimes, dimensions and parallel lives. It creates short-cuts and destroys them right after. Like the stairways in the corridors of Hogwarts, once used they move away. This means that while communication on the mundane level might be hindered, channeling, dreams, aha moments and all other extra sensory communication will be favored and experienced more frequently. In other words, if you are waiting for a check it might take time, or never show up but if you are waiting for an answer from God it will travel faster then light. Here are a few tips that can help you in the next three weeks:

  • Back your computer files
  • Check your bank statements for fraud or mistakes
  • Take longer to drive to meeting, expect traffic to be heavier
  • Don’t sign contracts if possible
  • Be extra careful from sleeps of tongues
  • Edit and or read emails twice before you send them
  • Revisit old projects, ideas and rework them
  • Be extra careful when downloading and or upgrading programs
  • Don’t buy any new electronic equipment
  • Reconnect to old friends, reconcile rebuild past connections

The Chinese New Year, Solar eclipse and New Moon in Cancer will be on Jan 26th. It is going to be a fresh new start for 2009 and can be viewed as the real beginning of the energies of the year. I hope you all have a great New Year and may everything you need (not necessarily want) come to you in an effortless flow…