A Toy Story

Everyone has a toy story. Maybe it is because toys are the first inanimate objects to which we attach emotions and through stories and imagination we bring those objects to life. Some scholars assert that humanity’s evolution goes through the same developmental stages children go through. If that is true, maybe our affinity to toys in our early years is a parallel to the worship of statues and figurines our ancestors engaged in during our primitive stages of evolution.

My toy story unveiled itself on the total Lunar Eclipse while I was in Hong Kong. I knew from looking at my chart that the eclipse will affect an area in my horoscope called the “House of Home and Family,” which didn’t make sense to me because I was in Hong Kong, a 16 hours time difference from the city of angels, the place I call home these days. I knew that Lunar eclipses tend to unearth deep emotions but what I forgot is that the eclipse was in Sagittarius, the Centaur, a hybrid between a horse and a man, which is also the sign of travel and distant lands. As you are reading this article, we are also in the midst of two powerful eclipses. One happened on August 7 and the other will take place August 21. So you better listen well to my eclipse story…

I was invited to Hong Kong to teach at the Asia Yoga Conference and the organizers put me up in a magnificent apartment building called Shama, located on Peel street 26. The cross street, which I was amused to find out, was Hollywood Rd. I like to pay attention to symbols. After all, I make my living interpreting their meanings. I have no idea if Shama means anything in one of the many languages spoken in Hong Kong, but in Hebrew it means “to listen.” And from my living room in Los Angeles, I have the perfect view of the Hollywood Sign. So I decided I would keep my third ear open and listen to the messages coming my way. The fact that the building’s address was 26, made me raise an eyebrow since I grew up on Freud street 26, and 26 in Kabbalah is the value of the tetragrammaton, the four letters name of God associated with the sphere Wisdom – Yod Hey Vav Hey which means Havaya. Signs and synchronicities followed me everywhere, yet I could not figure what it all meant. Am I supposed to move to Hong Kong?

It is said that in places where the eclipse is visible, its influence is more pronounced and indeed, the Total Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius was visible in Hong Kong and she did trigger a great deal of emotions and memories (attributes of the moon) not only in me but in many of the people I met while I was there. I was curious to see how the moon will converse with me, what memories would she weave together, what poems would she compose for me? And I can say looking back, that she gave me a gift I did not expect.

In astrology, there is a term called Sybian Sybles. That is another way of interpreting chart which gives an image to every degree of the zodiac. For the degree where the eclipse took place the image is “A chubby boy on the hobbyhorse or a rocking horse.” OK…What does that mean?

On the day of the eclipse, as I was walking up to Hollywood road to grab a taxi, something made me look to the right. Through the display window of a thrift sho, I saw an object that not only made me stop, but also caused a chemical reaction resulting in teary eyes. I could not believe what was before me.

At first, I was disoriented, confused, how did he get here? To Hong Kong? Shivers ran up and down my spine as neurons storing memories from four decades ago suddenly awoke shooting signals of ancient recollections. Could it really be? My horse? My favorite toy? My first “real” friend, a gift my beloved grandfather gave me for my third birthday when we lived in Canada? His bequest to me before he passed away a few months later? The rocking horse that influenced my pursuit of gymnastics making the pommel horse my favorite apparatus. The horse that inspired me to work as a cowboy in Kibbutz Mevo Hama in the Golan? Yes, it was him, my horse that is no longer mine, looking at me through the glass, with his expressive inanimate yet magically alive eyes. Remember me?

At first, all I felt was pain. As if I got an unexpected kick in the gut. Then it spread through my body and all I could experience was a deep aching in my core for a long lost friend. I felt guilt for abandoning him. However, I soon gathered myself and realized that while the physical toy was indeed abandoned, his spirit remained within me.

I looked at him, as he stood majestically in the window. “They don’t make toys like this anymore,” I thought. But then again, how would I know? I am in my forties and haven’t had a toy for a while. It’s never about the toy anyway, it’s about the girl or the boy that plays with them and the scripts they craft around the object that give it life.

I walked into the store and asked the owner if I can take a picture with my horse.

I asked the kind store owner how much my holy relic cost. She took the horse back and placed it in the window, “470 Dollars.” I thought, that is not too much, then she added, US dollars.

“What?! I can get a real horse for that price,” I replied. She argued: “Rare vintage toy from Canada, very important.” She confirmed the origin of the toy and his birthplace. I couldn’t help myself, I said: “I know! It’s mine!” The horse looked at me. I looked at its eyes, those huge communicative eyes, whoever designed the toy knew the trick, make the eyes big and everyone will fall for it. OK, Moon. I get it now. Horse, Sagittarius, home and family. Rocking boy…

I bid my horse that is not mine goodbye.

Sounds like a good ending but in Sefer Yetzaira it is said that the end is embedded in the beginning and the beginning in the end. My story just begun. As you will see in your own life. Things that are happening this August will unravel for the next six months. From Hong Kong, I flew to teach in Sofia, Bulgaria. The meaning of the name Sofia is wisdom. The second sphere in the tree of life is wisdom. And wisdom, I did get.

A client of mine, Elitsa Todorova who read my book on Kabbalah and the tree of life was very touched by the teaching and composed a song called “Light.” She even constructed a drum set designed in the shape of the Tree of Life. She asked me if I would be willing to play the part of the shaman in her video clip and I said, “sure.” We decided to shoot on the last day of my visit to Sofia before I fly to London. When she walked on the set with high heels, I told her it must be dangerous to dance in such shoes, and it is also kind of superficial. She smiled and charmingly replied that it’s the only way for her reach the highest drum on her Tree of Life drum set. So I guess you have to be sexy to reach Keter, the crown.

For the last shoot she wanted me to ride a horse. I said, “what???” she said, “a horse.” Ok…I guess the eclipse is still working. I did work as a cowboy in the “Bakar” of Hamat Gader, so I said, OK. When we reached the location, the owner of the horse sized me up and said rather skeptically, “Elitsa told me that you are a professional jockey.” I shook my head. “I am not.” The Golan is rocky so we never got to gallop just walk with the horses. She looked worried, and said: “Then we have a problem. Taki (the name of the horse) is a wildling. He does not let anyone ride him and even professional jockeys have a hard time with him. If you gallop he will buck you off or run back to stables.” OK. That’s bad. I immediately thought of Christopher Reeve, the actor who played Superman and how he fell off a horse and ended up on the wheelchair. Is that what the eclipse planning for me? So I knew I am on a junction, to do or not to do, to be or not to be. I did what I always do in junction. Sit down and meditate for a few minutes. In the meditation, I tried to communicate with Taki the horse. Asking permission to mount him. I then climbed on him and so help me God, he was such a sweet guy. We did all the shots in less than 30 minutes and he behaved so well that his owner thought I put a spell on him. For some reason I asked her, “when was Taki born?”  She said “April 15.” Wow, that’s my birthday too. I guess we were in synch from birth.

I knew my story must continue on my birthday. That was the last clue from my synchronicity treasure hunt. So on my birthday I decided I wanted to connect to horses in a more active way. To celebrate my birthday, I decided to visit the oldest organism on the planet, conveniently located two hours from my home. It is called King Clone which grows in the Mojave Desert.


There I meditated and asked to connect to horses. Right when I came out of the meditation I received a message on a dating site I signed up to after my breakup. The main image of the profile of the candidate was this one:

Indeed. The horse eclipse was reverberating between continents. We met right after my birthday and started going out for about two months. Hey, the eclipse didn't promise everladting love, rather a connection to horses and...cowboys.

Three days later, I returned happily to LA after the synchronicities adventures only to find this email at the top of my inbox:

I met with Kathryn and we became friends. I did a trade with her, she teaching to ride properly and I did her chart. My eclipse story ended.

But yours is just beginning now…