How To Use The Tree To Fulfill Your Wish

 All you have to do is spend one week basking in the radiance of each of the Tree’s ten archetypal energy spheres, one after another from the top of the Tree to the bottom. Ten spheres. Ten Chapters. Ten weeks. One wish.

Based on workshops conducted by Gahl Sasson in the United States, Mexico and Israel, the teachings and techniques outlined here have helped thousands of people to manifest their dreams. They constitute a spiritual thrill ride designed to activate dormant but powerful facets of your essential nature that will foster achievement, growth and a magnified sense of both peace and purpose.

Start your own journey of transformation by reading all the way through the Introduction. Then select a specific hour on a specific day—Wednesday at 7 p.m., for example—that you will devote to each new energy. Treat this day and time as a vital appointment that you will not miss for anything. Sit down at that hour and read Chapter One, which details the fundaments, mechanics and myths of the sphere called Crown. For the next seven days, you will marinate your life in this one archetypal force. Spend time every day tackling the chapter’s “Wish Maker” exercises. These tasks will amplify the resonance of the weekly vibration and bring your wish to life. Most critically, set aside several minutes every day to meditate as instructed, chanting the appropriate secret name of God as your mantra to arouse the magic of that sphere in your daily existence.

When Wednesday 7 p.m.—or whatever day and time you set as your weekly changeover—rolls around again, proceed to the next chapter. Read it through. Then dedicate that subsequent week to the new sphere, the new exercises and the new meditation. When your changeover day arrives again the following week, advance into the energetic realm of the succeeding sphere. You might be tempted to skip ahead—to dig for information or stories that suit your own beliefs and disposition more snuggly. Simply remember that Kabbalah, the accomplishment of any goal and life itself is a process. Everything you want, everything you do, requires all ten cosmic energies. Try not to shortchange any of these majestic forces. Each is a gift from the Light. And this journey works best when we pay the requisite respect to each and every one.

As you progress through the ten weeks, you will discover that the Tree operates within the enchanted world of synchronicity. Over the ages, Kabbalists have discerned that every sphere corresponds to a color, a planet, a number, a part of the body and various real world talismans. Mythic personalities and folklore from myriad cultures spring from each cosmic force as well. For example, Beauty, the sixth stop on your voyage through the Tree, represents the heart, Christ consciousness, the folktale of the Beauty and the Beast, the colors gold and yellow, roses, the number six and the sun at the center of our solar system.

Hunt for the ambassadors of each archetypal energy as you conduct your business in the world that week and recall your dreams each morning. Synchronous brushes with these emissaries of the spheres are likely to relay messages critical to the realization of your wish. In Chapter One, you will be urged to initiate a journal to help you to track and make sense of these signs, symbols and the ten-week journey as a whole. This ongoing record of your triumphs, fears, insights and coincidental encounters—this snapshot of the interconnectedness of your every step and triviality—will induce you to view your life through a vibrant new prism. It will rouse you to think and feel in brand new way.

The Tree of Life recounts the Hero’s Journey of the Light as It transfigured the infinite possibilities of heaven into every material thing that we know and imagine. Making a wish casts you as the hero of that same miraculous journey. You possess the power to emulate God. You are a Creator. Climb aboard the Tree and create your wish come true.

The rest is in "A Wish Can Change Your Life"