Saturn in Virgo – Pets!

I was given the honor and was selected along with other healers around the world to take part in a TV series about spirituality and its effect on our lives. The producers have asked me to contact people who read my books and/or met me in person and were touched by my readings, workshops or books to be interviewed and give their accounts, synchronicities and other testimonials. They are coming next week to LA and would love to interview anyone who is willing to talk about it. Please contact me if you have a nice story and willing to share it. Hopefully your account could inspire other people to embark on a spiritual path. Thx!

Virgo, the sign of service, work and health is also associated with pets. It already has been proven that pets help us heal. In a recent study conducted at UCLA with 76 hospitalized heart failure patience, anxiety dropped 24% among patients who were asked to pet a dog for 12 minutes a day. It does not take a lot. Even anxiety drugs don’t work so fast. I know it’s true, my dog heals me on a daily basis. My dog is a Gemini and he taught me to communicate, like all good Gemini do. I never knew my neighbors were such cool people. I was forced be more social and open up and I am happy my dog walks me a few times a day and makes me talk to strangers. Pets do that to us. While we think we walk them, they actually walk us…

I spoke to very well know dog trainer who told me that the most common issues of dogs in the last ten years is abandonment anxiety. I immediately got what she was really trying to say and that is that we, humans, have projected on our dogs, our own issues of abandonment. Now that Saturn, the planet of Karma is in Virgo the sign of pets, we are all in need to deal with our fears of being left alone.

Freud linked the fear of abandonment and almost all other anxieties to the moment of birth when we are force to leave the comfort and warmth of our mother’s womb. I agree that our fears originate at birth but I don’t think it’s the mother’s fault. I think we all experience a fear of abandonment from the Light, from God if you like. In the moment of birth we realize that we are going to be bound to the material world, to father time and mother space for a while. I feel our fears and anxieties in a metaphysical level have to do with the feeling that we are all alone here, we miss God, we miss the feeling of unity with all things.

Now when I have to leave my dog for a few hours or a few days I try to explain to him that I will come back, that I am with him in spirit, in dreamtime and in thoughts. Some people may think its silly, that pets cannot understand us. What can I say? I am sure when I feel down and all alone in the world, God comes to me and whispers in my ears some comforting words insuring me that I am not alone that She is with me in thought, in spirit. I am sure God does that even though some cynical angel might say to Him that it’s futile because humans cannot speak God-language. I hope God does not listen to that angel, the same way my dog surely hopes I don’t listen to those who think we are crazy for speaking to our pets…

Happy Earth Day.