The Astrological Remedy for the Economy – Add More Taurus!

We have just moved into Scorpio, the sign of death and transformation. If you are feeling some slight winter blues then don’t take it personally, the trees, nature and the earth herself (at least her Northern side) is there with you, shading the old and preparing for a renewal. It is in Scorpio that we celebrate Halloween, a celebration of death and transformation, a festivity of magic and spells. It is this time of the year that the Celts have insured us, we have the ability to look through the veils and see the other side. Who knows, maybe that is why the election in the US always takes place in the midst of Scorpio as to facilitate change and transformation. This email though will be dedicated to the opposite sign of Scorpio – Taurus

At last we are over the Mercury retro in Libra. It has been a rather intense period of time. The scales of Libra swung violently and the place where we saw it the most was in the stock market. 8 days of the worst slide in 7 decades and then on October 13th the highest rise in 75 years! My friend Evi Orologas send me this link from CNBC mentioning the Mercury Retro and its association to the financial situation. Economist are so desperate to explain what is happening in Wall Street that they are not afraid to be seen flirting with Astrology…

While Libra is governed by Venus the planet associated with money, it is the other sign ruled by Venus, Taurus, that is considered to be the zodiac archetype associated with money and finance. It is not surprising that when the market is doing well it is called Bull market and when it is sleeping it is called Bear. The symbolic logic of astrology tells us that if Taurus rules astrology, by connecting to that sign we can enhance our moneymaking abilities and attract abundance into our lives. Astrology asks us in times of recession to become a Taurus and do what we can to embrace that archetype.

So how do we do it?


For that we have to look at the other aspects of life ruled by Taurus and access the sign’s magic through those areas. Taurus rules values. We need to change our values. It is time we all recognize that we need to change our priorities and put down in writing both individually and as a society, what is it we value. This will translate into self worth and later into abundance. The change in market will create a change in our values. Listen to all the socialistic “accusation” McCain is throwing at Obama. It is not surprising that stocks lose their values and banks lose their worth. These aspects of life: self-worth, values, talents and money are all linked and relate to Taurus the Bull. In times when the value of money diminishes, we have to override money and go directly to our talents and values which are also ruled by Taurus. This means that we have to create communities focused on trading talents and good instead of waiting for money to be the mediator. Taurus teaches us that the way to abundance is through self worth. While most of us think that we will be happier if we make more money, Taurus says, no, you will make more money if you love yourself and become more happy. I personally think that because the USA had such a low self esteem in the last 8 years that it reflected in the value of the US Dollar. It is as if the currency absorbed all the lack of self worth. Since the USA is the leader of the Free World, its lack of self worth affected the global economy.

The formula for gaining more money according to astrology is: (Self Worth+Talents)xValues=$$$

High self esteem combined with recognition and development of your talents all multiplied by a strong set of values will make you money. Even if you think that your values (honesty, charity) seem to reduce your immediate money making potential (for example refusing a lucrative offer to work as the marketing director of McDonalds when you are a health freak vegan) if you stick to your core you will be rewarded. That is according to the Gospel of Taurus.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

According to Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters can work as talismans or gateways to the Zodiac archetypes. Here is an excerpt from Cosmic Navigator:

According to Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Creation, the Hebrew letter Vav was assigned to Taurus. Vav translates as “the hook” or “nail,” and indeed the shape of the letter resembles a sharp nail. Like a nail, Taurus acts as the physical connector that binds any two objects together.

Taurus embodies the old alchemical formula “as above, so below.” Alchemy viewed the Tree of Life as the symbol of this ancient formula—the nail that joined the heavens to the earth. Trees, of course, represent nature—another sign that Taurus operates as the yoke that physically joins the spiritual with the material. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “to yoke,” and the practice of yoga stands as a spiritual system designed to yoke the body to the soul. The letter Vav proves that Taurus is much more than a sign obsessed with luxury and stuff. Grounded firmly in the earth, Taurus serves as a ladder, a magical pea tree that leads to the divine. Even many atheists and agnostics, who admit to no belief in any religion or spiritual pursuit, will concede that they do believe in the awesome, inexplicable power of nature (Taurus).

In Hebrew, the letter Vav functions as a conjunctive prefix similar to the word and: boys and girls, black and white. Again Taurus nails two separate things into one. Additionally, the Bible uses Vav to transform verbs from future to past tense, indicating that Taurus (and the material world) not only unites objects in space, but also joins actions in time. This concept might prompt some to engage in a convoluted philosophical discussion, but the simple truth of Vav and Taurus is this: everything in our material world is One. All objects joined by the nail of Taurus, as well as all time (past, present, and future), are united. Taurus and this material world simply provide the vessel in which life and unity can thrive.

Meditate on the letter Vav whenever you want to connect to something or somebody. Use it too whenever you need abundance or an outlet for your talents. In addition, take at least two yoga classes this week and ask the teacher to show you the Tree Pose.

Talking about Trees. My friend and webmaster EagleGeorge has sent me this link about the oldest tree in the world

Happy New Moon and Happy Halloween!