Chrion - the Wounded Healer and Immortality. Part III

Myths, are true stories that never happened. And yet, these stories, which transcend space (where they originated) and time (when they were conceived) can help us not only understand our...Read more

Love’in The Machine

The story of Adam and Eve is mentioned in the Bible and the Koran, the two most popular books of all time. According to Genesis, God created Adam and Eve in his own image. Humanity’s...Read more

Long Distance Relationships

I am writing these words high above the clouds as I fly from Mendoza, Argentina, deep in the Southern Western hemisphere to Sofia, in the far Northern Eastern hemisphere. Traveling from...Read more

Lessons from America

Even if you are not a US citizen or live in the southern part of North America, the US midterm elections were significant. Being a super power and a trend setter, whatever happens in the...Read more

We are God's selfie

What makes mythology far more insightful than a news item or a real story is that it is multilayered. A myth is best defined as a true story that never happened, and as such, can...Read more

Death's Bequest is Life

I have met astrology about 20 years ago. It was love at first sight and we have been together ever since. With such deep familiarity, I am sure it is not my first or last lifetime that I...Read more

July 2018 Eclipses - Politics

We have officially entered Eclipse season. It started about 10 days ago with a powerful solar eclipse in Cancer. The first of its kind as the last two years we experienced the eclipses in...Read more

10 Relationships Tips from Various Mystical Traditions by Gahl Sasson

For many years, I have been leading workshops on the Alchemy of Relationship, helping people find their partners and/or harmonize the relationships they already established. The list...Read more

Astrology – Mother of Religions

Astrology – the study of the correlation between the heavenly bodies and life on earth, is an ancient cross-cultural art form. It is also the body of wisdom that has given birth to...Read more

Storytelling Yourself

At just five-years-old, I encountered the dark side of storytelling. It was during the Yom Kippur War (1973), when Israel waged war with several neighboring Arab countries. I remember...Read more