What is the Square Root of Jupiter Times Pluto in Capricorn?

When I was in the army, the officers used to boast that everything can be divided and organized with the number 3. They were obsessed with 3, a magical number that was the solution for...Read more

Eventful Week: Solstice and Eclipse Same Day.

Here comes the flood of stardust and cosmic downpour. As promised 2020 is the year of change and we are just half way through. The next week is full of celestial events. While still under...Read more

Luna Park - The Eclipses Season

When I was a kid, once a year, my parents used to take us to Tel Aviv, to visit the Shalom Tower, the tallest building in the Middle-East (at least that's what they told us back in the...Read more

Full Moon in May Part 1 - Siddhartha

A Tale of a Taurus Siddhartha Gautama was born a prince during the full moon in May. Since the full moon in May pits the sun in Taurus opposite to the moon in Scorpio, we know the prince...Read more

Lessons from the Corona, which holds the secret of when it will be over

I was just listening to a lecture by professor Robert M. Hazen on the Big Bang. About 13.8 billion years ago, mas o menos, an event took place, the origin of life in the cosmos which we...Read more


Confession and a disclaimer: today is my birthday. Yes, Tax day in the US. I am taxing I know. I have tons of spelling mistakes and my grammar in all three languages I claim to speak is...Read more

The Moon's Journey

As you might have guessed, the moon is very busy after she crossed the equinox line. We had the Aries new moon beginning the month of Nisan and 14 days later, the Passover-Last-Supper...Read more

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Passover and Easter

This year is different than any other year. As I explained in my book on 2020 as well as prior emails, the numerology underlining this year is 4 (death in Chinese) and 22 (Master Builder...Read more

Saturn in Aquarius - I Have a Dream!

Saturn never bothered hiring a PR company, nor is he impressed with social media, selfies, marketing schemes or even trying to present himself in an appealing way. Why should he? We will...Read more

Equinox and the Dragon

Today and tomorrow, March 19 and 20, we are celebrating the Astrological New Year. The Spring Equinox was originally the Sumerian and Babylonian New Year and still to this day is honored...Read more