Covid 19 and Astrology: Part II North Node in Cancer

You are probably home, under house arrest, confined by an invisible parasite. A virus, nothing more than a tiny piece of biological data, which ironically, due to its crowned spikes...Read more

Disaster! Covid-19 Part I

Dis-aster: mid 16th century: from Italian disastro ‘ill-starred event’, from dis- (expressing negation) + astro ‘star’ (from Latin astrum ).

A famous legend (which might have a...Read more

Jupiter in Capricorn: Dec 3, 2019 - Dec 19, 2020

Today, On Dec 3, 2019, Jupiter, the planet that represents abundance, opportunities, and expansion is transiting into Capricorn where he will stay for a year. Jupiter's orbit around the...Read more

Reincarnation: The Transmigration of the Souls

In a recent interview I was asked if I "believe" in reincarnation and I answered without hesitation, "no!" The reported was surprised since she was covering my workshop on past lives. I...Read more

Immigration and Emigration: an Anthropological and Mythological Perspective

Lately governments, political parties, and individuals use anti-immigration rhetoric to gain power and popularity. Some of these people proudly call themselves pious and God fearing. All...Read more

The Boundaries Between the Zodiac Signs - Cusps, Equinox and Solstice

The ancient Sumerians bequeathed us many gifts but shining among them is the wheel and/or astrology. As things tend to be synchronized, astrology and the wheel are one and the same. The...Read more

Your Birthday

Ok, first a confession. It is my birthday today, April 15, the US Tax Day, and if it wasn't for the fact that Leonardo da Vinci shared my birthday, I would be utterly depressed. But it is...Read more

North Node Dragon in Cancer

The North Node, also known as the Dragon, is traveling through Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother. The North and South Nodes are mathematical points in the sky that are formed by the...Read more

The Symbolic Meaning of Biblical Names as a Narrative Tool: Moses, Abraham & David

This paper discusses the use of naming in the Bible as a narrative tool . It demonstrates how the meanings of names propel the biblical narrative and provide insights into the nature of a...Read more

Chrion - the Wounded Healer and Immortality. Part I

Cronos, Lord Time, was married to his sister, Rhea, mother of gods. However, as siblings, he knew her all his life, and often expressed his lack of passion to his sister/wife, “Come on,...Read more