Golden Bridge Yoga Center One of the Best yoga centers in the world. The best for kundalini yoga for sure. I am proud to be teaching my workshop at that Bridge...

Dave's Yoga - Dave is a great yoga teacher who just moved to LA from Arizona. Take his class, it is a trip!

Explore Your Spirit with Kala - Kala Ambrose is a noted author, metaphysical teacher, intuitive, speaker and talk show host.

Jai Life Style A great place for yoga, retreats and how to use spirituality as a lifestyle

Matt de Merritte A wonderful musician and photographer who shot the Tree Mandala on the cover of my book "A Wish Can Change You Life"

Circulo Dorado The greatest esoteric school in the world - the school that introduced me to Astrology and Kabbalah. Located in Guadalajara, Mexico (Guadalajara, Spain was were the Zohar was written)

Servants of the Light School of Occult Science The Servants Of the Light School of Occult Science, also known as "SOL," is a fully contacted Mystery School, teaching throughout the world, by correspondence. We are a registered, non-profit making organization and have over 6000 students in 23 different countries. I had the honor of meeting and learning from Dolores Ashcroft Norwicki which I consider to be the highest authority in matters of Magic, ritual and service of Light.

New Millennium Tarot is the work of digital photographer Lee Varis who attended my workshop on Tarot and used some of the symbols in his new Tarot Deck. I also wrote for him the Fool's Journey segment as well as posed for the Emperor Card. (yes its me in a Roman skirt...)

Uri Averbuch A poet of colors. Uri is a philosopher that gives mandalas a new meaning

The Dream Project is an online magazine featuring lush art and animations based on the dream life of real people.

Tony LeRoy Highly recommended intuitive adviser and healer.