• Keywords: Love, Balance, Sacrifice
  • Wish Imperative: Practice creative visualization and imagine your wish fulfilled exactly as you want it. Sacrifice some part of the old you—a bad habit or a predilection for rash reactions—to make yourself more beautiful (godly) in your own eyes. Avoid emotional extremes and concentrate on balance.
  • Hebrew name: Tiferet
  • Myth and Personalities: Jesus of Nazareth, Odin, The Beauty and the Beast.
  • Planet: Sun
  • Dark side: Ego, Martyrdom
  • Color: Yellow or Gold
  • Number: 6
  • Tree: Ash
  • Body Part: Heart
  • Hebrew name of God: Yod Hey Vav Hey Eloha Vada’at (the intercourse of the Gods of Wisdom and Understanding)

The sixth word in God’s divine poem was Beauty (Tiferet). Located in the heart of the Tree of Life, Beauty balances constriction and expansion, feminine and masculine, and the above and the below. Some Kabbalists dub it the Throne of God, and Beauty is therefore associated with the higher self, as well as the sign Leo. The color of the sphere is bright yellow or gold; the latter is also the color and name of the most acclaimed of all metals and by far the most regal and royal. Beauty teaches that God’s presence is felt most profoundly when you balance giving with receiving, masculine with feminine, judgment with forgiveness. Health, happiness, children, playfulness, and love all emanate from this beloved archetype. Just as all of the spheres revolve around this central sphere, all of the planets orbit the sun, the primary symbol of astrology and the celestial body associated with Beauty. The location of the sun in your chart describes the area in your life in which you can express most fervently your highest good and emit the greatest amount of light upon your fellow sentient beings.