• Keywords: Will of God
  • Wish Imperative: Meditate and decide with conviction precisely what you want to wish for. Write it down.
  • Hebrew name of sphere: Keter
  • Myth and Personalities: No-Thing
  • Planet: None (Crown is simply the will to create; nothing yet has been formed)
  • Dark side: None
  • Color: White bright Light
  • Number: 1
  • Tree: The Seed of the Tree of Life
  • Body Part: Crown of the head
  • Hebrew name of God (mantra): Eheyeh (I am that I am)

The first sphere or archetype to emanate as a word from God’s mouth is called Crown (Keter in Hebrew). Crown symbolizes the will of God, and that will, according to Kabbalah, is the will for oneness. God is One. God’s will is unity. Humans arrive as individuals, each of us unique in form, appearance, and personality. But the message of the Crown resounds clearly: we are all connected; we are all the same. All of us—in fact, all of creation—emanated from this first word uttered by God just as the entire universe materialized out of the Big Bang. The color for this sphere is white, the color that contains all the colors of the spectrum. Crown isn’t associated with a particular planet or sign because this sphere symbolizes emptiness or nothingness. That does not mean that Crown represents an empty vessel. It simply suggests that we do not possess the mental capacity to comprehend, grasp, or contain the infinite magnitude of this original sphere. Name of God for this sphere is Eheye. Look at this name of God as a mantra, a key that can open before you the powers and potentials of the sphere. Just like you might need a web address to download a file, so does the name of God connect you to a certain aspect of the one God that can in turn help you access the content you need to connect with.