• Keywords: Sex, Death and Transformation
  • Wish Imperative: Blend all of your experiences to date into a revisualization of your wish come true. Let the old you die and witness yourself reborn as a wish-fulfilled human being.
  • Hebrew name: Yesod
  • Myth and Personalities: Osiris, Joseph (and the Technicolor Dreamcoat)
  • Planet: Moon
  • Dark side: Fear of change
  • Color: Purple
  • Number: 9
  • Tree: Willow
  • Hebrew name of God: Shaddai El Hai (My Shadow, God is Alive)

Ninth came the word Foundation (Yesod). This sphere holds all the secrets and subconscious powers of the universe. The word sod, which is the root of the Hebrew name of this sphere, means “secret.” Kabbalists have been stressing for millennia that at the foundation of the universe lies the secret of the law of attraction (the same law described in the bestselling book and DVD The Secret). That is one of the reasons why sexuality and passion is governed by this sphere. This intense and mysterious wheel of energy also governs transformation, healing, intimacy, and death. The law of attraction can transform your life and afford you what you always dreamt of. Foundation is linked to the moon, the ruler of the night, as well as the sign Scorpio. It is colored purple/violent, a rich tone that nonetheless emits the highest visible frequency in the spectrum. In your chart, Foundation/the moon exposes your inner reflexes—how you instinctively react to various situations in your life. It also might reveal hidden memories of early childhood or trauma, as well as the places in which you safeguard all your secrets.