• Keyword: Experience, Live!
  • Wish Imperative: Thank yourself and the universe for a wish come true. Pick a new wish and voyage on the Tree again.
  • Hebrew name: Malchut
  • Myth and Personalities: Your Life Story from Birth to this Moment.
  • Planet: Earth
  • Dark side: Materialism, Fear
  • Color: Olive Green, Red, Black and Blue
  • Number: 10 = 1
  • Tree: The Nearest Tree to You Right Now
  • Body Part: Feet and the Root Chakra (the sacrum at the base of the spine)
  • Hebrew name of God: Adonai Ha’aretz (God of the Earth)

And the last word to emerge from God’s consciousness in the Kabbalistic story of creation is Kingdom (Malchut). In Kabbalistic astrology, Kingdom relates to your rising sign or ascendant, the path you chose to walk in this lifetime, the highway that leads to your destiny. This sphere encompasses the entire physical creation—from unseen viruses and your neighbor next door to alien starships and vast galaxies millions of light years away.