• Keywords: Forgiveness, Compassion, Expansion
  • Wish Imperative: Open yourself without judgment to each and every meeting, invitation, adventure or request that presents itself. Trust in the generosity of the sphere and for one week try everything. Emulate the great masters of compassion by offering forgiveness to yourself and to others.
  • Hebrew name of sphere: Hesed
  • Myth and Personalities: Avalokiteshvara (the Buddha of Compassion), The Dalai Lama.
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Dark side: Attachment and Addictions
  • Color: Blue
  • Number: 4
  • Tree: Oak
  • Body Part: Right shoulder, Right arm and Right hand
  • Hebrew name of God: El (the high god of the ancient Canaanites)

Next God spoke Mercy (Hesed). Mercy embodies the archetype of compassion, unconditional love, expansion, benevolence, and the grace of God. Whenever you feel good about yourself and those around you, you experience the energy of Mercy. The sphere is associated with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter in our chart marks the area of our life in which we are likely to enjoy benevolence and boundless opportunities. Jupiter/Mercy also highlights the potential that you can transform into actuality. Mercy represents the most accepting and forgiving energy of the Tree of Life and creation as a whole. It works as a reinforcement of the prior sphere, Understanding. If you gave to the universe what Understanding asked of you, in Mercy you will receive or reap the rewards of that discipline and effort. The color of Mercy is blue, the color of the boundless seas and sky.