• Keywords: Strength, Decisiveness, Energy
  • Wish Imperative: Scrutinize all the options that you’ve tried and tested so far and cut out everything that doesn’t benefit your wish. Capitalize on the vitalizing power of this sphere to make decisive progress.
  • Hebrew name of sphere: Gevurah
  • Myth and Personalities: Moses
  • Planet: Mars
  • Dark side: Overly Judgmental or Aggressive
  • Color: Red
  • Number: 5
  • Tree: Pine
  • Body Part: Left hand, Left arm, Left shoulder
  • Hebrew name of God: Elohim Gibor (the creative, life-giving force that transforms humans into heroes)

And fifth God uttered was Severity (Gevurah), which in Hebrew translates to “heroism,” “bravery,” or “valor.” This sphere resonates with strength, power, pure energy, and force. It can also be severe. The biographies of heroes and heroines such as Moses or Superman often feature harsh childhoods or incidents that forged them into remarkable people. Kabbalah also calls this sphere Din, which means “judgment.” This sphere is designed to balance the unconditionally expansive, loving, giving nature of Mercy. Severity is associated with Mars, the ruler of Aries and Scorpio. Since Mars is the red planet, it makes sense that Severity is also colored red. Red warns us of danger (“red alert”), protects (the Red Cross), and prevents us from crashing into each other (a red light). In astrological charts, this sphere underscores the area in your life in which you possess great courage, where you might need to be more of a hero, or where you fight for your rights as well as those of others. Severity/Mars asks us to put your foot down so that you might receive what is duly yours.