• Keyword: Communication
  • Wish Imperative: Converse with your wish and listen for answers that will thrust it forward fast. Rephrase and tweak your goal in more specific terms. Seek out messengers that will breathe life into your wish.
  • Hebrew name: Hod
  • Myth and Personalities: Hermes (Mercury), Thoth, the monkey god Hanuman, Mohammed, the mailman.
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Dark side: Lies and Theft
  • Color: Orange
  • Number: 8
  • Tree: Aspen and the Orange Tree
  • Body Part: Left Hip, Left leg
  • Hebrew name of God: Elohim Tzevaot (the hosts of the god of Understanding)

The eighth word spoken by God was Splendor, or Hod, which is Hebrew for “reverberation.” This sphere enables communication, that most human characteristic, which demands both speaking and listening. Splendor guides commerce, business, and trade. It enables us to absorb the messages, signs, and synchronicities that we encounter so that we can translate and transmit them to the rest of humankind. Splendor is associated with magic, spells, and the ability to manifest mind over matter. Orange—the color chosen to herald the new millennium, our information age—is the color of the sphere, and Mercury, the planet linked to Gemini and Virgo, is its ambassador. In your astrological chart, Splendor/Mercury signifies your antenna, highlighting your style of communication, as well as your strengths and perhaps your weaknesses when it comes to conveying and receiving messages and knowledge.