• Keywords: Reproduce, Relationship, Mother Nature
  • Wish Imperative: Replicate again and again all the behaviors and thoughts that have paid dividends thus far.
  • Hebrew name: Netzach
  • Myth and Personalities: The Seven Orishas of the Yoruba, Bathsheba, all the shamans.
  • Planet: Venus
  • Dark side: Vanity
  • Color: Green
  • Number: 7
  • Tree: Apple Tree
  • Body Part: Right Hip, Right Leg
  • Hebrew name of God: Yod Hey Vav Hey Tzevaot (The armies of the god of Wisdom)

Then God whispered the word Eternity (Netzach). This marvelous archetype brings pleasure, art, talent, and all slices of life that provide us with sensuous joy. Because this sphere governs pleasure, it also generates the mechanism of repetition and reproduction. For example, when you dine at a delicious restaurant, you generally yearn to repeat that experience by going back there again and again. Mother Nature operates on this same principle. One tree seeds a second and then a third and fourth on into eternity until we find a gigantic forest. Green, the color of nature, is the color of the sphere. Eternity embodies the energy of Venus, the planet affiliated with both Taurus and Libra. This sphere oversees peace, diplomacy, negotiation, and relationships, as well as personal talents and money. Venus/Eternity in your chart underlines the area of your life in which your idiosyncratic talents can be deployed to generate financial security and abundance.