Esalen Institute, CA: Storytelling the Bible: How Ancient Stories Can Improve Our Modern Lives

March 29, 2013 - 12:00pm

Esalen is a magical property with a river running through the retreat grounds, a forest of giant Redwoods, private beach and natural therapeutic hot springs all available for free!

The Bible is the most read book in the world. How could tales written 3000 years ago in a faraway place influence our ecology, politics, and sexuality? Why are 50% of the 10 most popular names in the US biblical? What is it about these stories that can heal or kill? How could you utilize these stories to improve your life? For centuries the Bible has been kidnapped by individuals who used it to control populations. It’s time to reclaim these humorous, mischievous, and enlightening stories and apply them in our own lives.

The workshop sheds light on the lessons these timeless stories teach us, including:

  • Adam and Eve – how an LSD trip isn’t the same as enlightenment
  • Jacob and the art of lying – dysfunctional families and lucha libre
  • David’s forbidden loves – denim jeans and how your imperfections are what make you perfect
  • Jesus’ soul mates – how selfless sacrifice can change the world


The workshop includes storytelling, PowerPoint presentations of biblical art, and activities such as Bible charades, reenactments of biblical scenes, and guided meditations using the Hebrew alphabet.

This Easter weekend retreat will help you connect to the mystical side of the biblical stories as well as help you understand how and why the bible still influences our culture and day to day life. The workshop includes guided meditation in nature to help overcome stress and infuse you with harmony and peace.

Recommended reading: The Old Testament; Sasson and Weinstein, A Wish Can Change Your Life.

Retreat cost: 405$ (includes food and workshop without lodging) to $1595 (all inclusive including a private house)
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