London - The Astrology of 2020

For decades, astrologers and stargazers around the world looked forward as well as dreaded the arrival of the year 2020. While some prophesied disaster (coming from Greek: dis-aster, against the stars), others identified the year as the dawning of a new era.

What music do the spheres wish to play for us in the year...Read more

New York: Past Lifetime Regression

The People You Were: Exploring Your Past Lifetimes Using Regression

Ever feel like you were somebody else in a past lifetime? Have you ever visited a place for the first time, but felt at home and instinctually knew your way around? Have you ever had a Déjà vu? A dream where you were a different person...Read more

Washington DC: Past Lifetime Regression

The People You Were: Exploring Your Past Lifetimes Using Regression with Gahl Eden Sasson
Date: 10/6/2019 From: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Our 14th Street Home
1508 14th Street, NW (b/t P& Church)
Washington, DC 20005
Cost: $...Read more

London Weekend Workshops: Power of Name and Past Lifetime Regression

astrology: the power of your name + exploring past lives
Fri, 19 July 2019
Camden location
19:00 - 20:30
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Zurich: Past Lifetime Regression

Strengthen your connection to the divine and receive answers to your life's biggest questions through practical exercises and meditations. 

This session answers questions such as: Why don’t we remember past lives? Where do all the souls come from? Did I reincarnate with my family members before?

Gahl...Read more

New York: The Astrology of 2019

Intro to Astrology and the Year Ahead

Get your must-have guide to all the major astrological aspects of the year 2019.

Dates of Mercury retrograde

Full + new moons and how to work with moon magic

Blessed + challenging dates

Eclipses and other important times

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New York: Power of Your Name Equinox: Gahl Sasson & Laura Day

Your name contains the DNA to your destiny.
Understanding and decoding your name enables you to access your full potential and helps you make crucial decisions.

Discover how to:
• Analyze your name and discover how to activate its powers through meditation
• Uncover the power of branding and choose...Read more

Los Angeles: Intro to Astrology of 2019 + Book Signing

In this introduction, Gahl gives an overview of the origin of astrology and how it developed to help us survive. Why is Astrology dubbed the Mother of Religion and the mother of Science? You will also get a copy of Gahl's book...Read more

Paris: Rasa Yoga Weekend Workshops - Astrology, Relationships & Synchronicities

The Astrology of the Year 2019: Birthing your Inner-Child

Friday Jan 19 8pm-10pm 40 euros

Get your must have guide to all the major astrological aspects of the year 2018.

If you are planning something big next year, don't finalize anything until you take this class! You will leave this...Read more