Full Moon Weekend

Full Moon Weekend
Traveling to HK, Turkey, Sofia, London, Zurich & TLV see schedule below!
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Zurich: July 9-16. For readings please email Gahl@CosmicNavigator.com for July 15, Sat workshop at AirYoga click HERE Watch a video for the visit HERE

London, UK: July 16-23. For workshops click HERE For readings, click HERE.
Video of the events: watch HERE

Tel Aviv, Israel: Aug 20-Sep 10. For reading please email at Gahl@CosmicNavigator.com

Happy Full Moon Weekend

This Sat we will have a full moon in Capricorn/Cancer axis which is a powerful opening. The moon is the ruler of Cancer and when we experience the moon in her glory in the sign of home, family, real-estate and compassion it provides a great opportunity for healing.

The key words for Cancer: I FEEL. So this weekend can and should be emotional. If you want to get pregnante, this weekend is the best time to meditate with your future children and ask them to come back effortlessly and healthy. And if you are looking for your partner then you can ask your unborn kids to help you choose your lover and their future father/mother...

On the note of relationships and synchronizing them,  I will be hosted by my friends in triyoga Camden for two workshops. Friday, July 21 at 7:30pm on Soul Mates and Relationships and Saturday, July 22 at 6pm on Synchronicities and why we see 111 everywhere. Below more info on workshops or link to register: click HERE

I will also be giving private readings in Astrology and past lifetime regression. To book please go to this link: www.triyoga.co.uk/the-therapists?x=1&teacher=100000169
Or call: 020 7483 3344

I made a little video explaining the workshops in triyoga: https://youtu.be/e2FZMW1dciI

And a short explanation that can help you catch the cosmic waves for today June 21 and June 24:
the alchemy of relationships: using mystical traditions to attract + harmonize partnerships
Friday, July 21 7:30pm
Are you searching for your other half or wondering what to do with the soulmate you've already found?
Why will we do anything to create a relationship, yet once we have one we find it incredibly challenging to maintain?
How can relationships be both wonderful and frustrating? Illuminating and disappointing? Full of love and hate, attraction and repulsion? Why are relationships so hard to have and so painful not to have? 

In this enlightening workshop, Gahl Sasson teaches you the missing keys for attracting the right people into your life and harmonizing your current relationships. Using myths and storytelling, Gahl weaves together the Buddhist Heart-Sutra with ancient Kabbalistic texts, the Ramayana & Shakespeare, Pythagoras & Psychology, Greek Tragedy and Hollywood movies, to give you the life-changing answers to crucial questions like: 
• What are soul-mates and how do I know if my lover is my twin-flame?
• What can Adam and Eve teach us about the hidden meaning of relationships?
• How can I harmonize and identify my masculine and feminine energies?
• How does astrological compatibility work and what are Love-Signs?
• How do I know if my inner masculine and feminine sides are in harmony or conflict?

Why is this insight so pivotal? 
For the last two decades Gahl has been giving astrological consultations to thousands of couples, business partners and individuals. After sharing what he sees in the chart, Gahl asks his clients to explain what their challenges are. He noticed that again and again, those who had a relationship, found their partnership challenging and those who did not, described their lack of a relationship as the main challenge. This propelled Gahl to ask the inevitable question: What is it about relationships that causes those who have a partner to have such difficulty maintaining love, while those who do not have a partner stop at nothing to find love? 

The workshop will give you the life-changing answer to that paradox. 

Over your two enlightening hours with Gahl, you'll learn practical applications that have the power to completely revolutionize your relationships. Through entertaining exercises, you'll master little-known techniques designed to help you easily identify your masculine and feminine sides and those of others. And, Gahl will take your personal questions on love, attraction, relationships and conflict.

Isn't it time to end the pain, struggle, and heartache? 
Join Gahl to learn the missing keys that will help you finally create the loving, fulfilling relationships you've always wanted.
*** If booking for more than one person, please do so by calling 020 7483 3344. Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster. ***

surfing synchronicities: deciphering signs, symbols + coincidences
Sat, July 22 18:00
• Are you seeing 111 everywhere?
• Wondering if that coincidence that happened the other day has a greater meaning?
• Is the universe trying to tell you something and you just can't quite put your finger on it?

In this experiential workshop, Gahl explores different systems of symbolism: Astrology, Kabbalah, Tarot, Dream Work, and Mythologies to help shed light on the question: is there such a thing as coincidence? 

In many mystical traditions it is believed that everything happens for a reason. Using symbolism, you can get a deeper understanding of your life and improve your communication with the Universe. Decipher the hidden messages of serendipity and increases their frequency in your life.

It is time to decode the present to improve your future.
*** If booking for more than one person, please do so by calling 020 7483 3344. Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster. ***

Gahl Sasson is an established author and has been teaching workshops on Kabbalah, Astrology, and Mysticism around the globe for over a decade. His first book, A Wish Can Change Your Life, has been translated into over seven languages and is endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. His latest work, Cosmic Navigator, is the essential reference guide to understanding your astrological make up.

He is an active contributor to the Huffington Post and Infinite Quest and has been named “Los Angeles’ Best Astrologer” by W Magazine. His encyclopaedic knowledge and charismatic presence have also made him a sought-after guest speaker. He has appeared Daily Beast, CNN, ABC News, KTLA-TV Los Angeles, WPIX-TV New York and WGN-TV Chicago. He currently resides in Los Angeles, but tours regularly throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Instagram: Eye_Witness
Twitter: @Gahl1

For more of my music: https://soundcloud.com/gahl-283214462

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