Equinox and Marriage Ceremonies

Equinox and Marriage Ceremonies
Kabbalah Retreat at Esalen, CA March 23-25!!!
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Los Angeles, CA: Saturday, Sep 23 6pm Past Lifetime Regression at the Den Meditation, Hollywood: https://denmeditation.com/events/past-life-regression/

Washington DC: Oct 5-9 for readings: Gahl@CosmicNavigator.com Past Lifetime Regression Saturday, Oct 7 at 12:30pm Flow Yoga: http://flowlove.me/ 11XsJcR  

Alexandria, VA: Sunday, Oct 8, 2-4pm at Pure Prana: Increase your Intuition. For more info click HERE 

New York, NY: Oct 9-20. Workshop on Past Lifetime Regression, Monday, Oct 16 at 7pm at Golden Bridge Yoga 253 Centre St, New York 10013. To sign in call: +1 212-343-8191 For readings please email Gahl@CosmicNavigator.com 

Esalen, CA: March 23-25 Kabbalah Weekend: Make Your Dreams Come True with the Tree of Life. Leaders: Gahl Sasson and Bianca Sapetto. For more info: HERE

Eclipses are over, Mercury is direct and soon we are hitting the Equinox (Sep 23), marking the end of the masculine (Northern Hemisphere), or feminine (Southern Hemisphere) part of the year. The times they are a changing…From October 11, Jupiter is moving to Scorpio for a year and while it will be beneficial to Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces, some signs like Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus should be careful of accesses and over stretching themselves. I will send another email about this subject soon.

I am making my way back to the City of Angels, but in October, I will be teaching and doing readings in Washington, DC as well as New York (see above). So, I hope to see some of you there. Also, since I started reconnecting to Spanish, I plan to start teaching in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza. If you know any places that can host workshops and classes in these cities, please let me know, any leads or synchronicities would be appreciated!

The next week is loaded with heavenly treats. On the New Moon in Virgo, which is also Rosh Hashanah (Sep 20-21) it is a good time to start a new diet, initiate a new job, hire an employee, begin a new study or embark on a cleanse or detox. The detailed critical and analytical magic of Virgo will help you make it happen.  Sep 23 is the Equinox, equal day and night, marking the beginning of the sign Libra. This is the sign of relationships, marriage, beauty art and justice. The Equinox has been celebrated for thousands of years, so join the party and do something meaningful that day that can represent balancing your masculine and feminine side. Maybe something with a partner or some activity that combines giving and receiving, action and reception or anything that can symbolize balance and equilibrium.

Next week, on Sep 20, is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. According to Kabbalistic and Talmudic tradition, Rosh Hashana is the birthday and anniversary of the “first” wedded couple: Adam and Eve. To honor the primordial couple who gave birth to all couples,  I thought it is auspicious to share some tips about marriages and ceremonies of unification and how I came to experience them as well as test them in real life…

I am now in an airplane, flying above the Mediterranean on my way from Tel Aviv to Istanbul. I had a great time being with family and teaching in Tel Aviv but the real reason for my long visit this time was to officiate the marriage between my niece, who happened to be a Libra, and her beloved. I always had a special connection to my niece and when she asked me to preside over the ceremony of their union, at first, I felt honored but then I started experiencing a slight anxiety. How could I come up with a ceremony that can be meaningful, secular, spiritual and short (the wedding takes place in summer at noon in Israel). The pressure was immense, not from them but from within me. What am I going to say? How can I contain their wondrous love?

A few suggestions for a good marriage ceremony:

All went very well at the end. The ceremony lasted about 10min and was very emotional. The couple both had teary eyes and managed to make many people shed tears of joy. I wanted to share some tips that you can use either if you are to get married or have a friend or family member that will tie the knot one day.

Mazal Tov – Chose a good day. 
For everything there is a season under the Sun. And so it is not recommended to get married during Venus or Mercury Retrograde or during Moon Void of Course. The best day is Friday (named after the goddess of love). It is even said that Adam and Eve, the first couple were created on a Friday.

Mazal Tov, the ancient internationally recognized Hebrew wedding blessing, means good luck, but it also have a deeper meaning. Mazal in Hebrew means constellation as well as luck and tov means good. The  “mazal tov” we hear in many movies and TV shows after something breaks or someone gets married means that whatever happens, let a good constellation shine upon the event. In Hebrew, Mazal Tov is uttered when you buy something new, on your birthday, when you got promoted or any other festive occasion. In other words, Mazal Tov means: "let the planets and signs provide good fortune." Mazal comes from the root NZL which means flow or leak. Mazal Tov is a spell, programed to align the stars so the blessings from above can leak to the below. 

A wedding ceremony is a ritual. Two people (man woman, woman woman, man man) who were born separated declare themselves as One. It is a powerful alchemical work. It is an exercise in oneness that demands a great deal of magic and focus. I have met many couples that got lost in the wedding planning, fussing about the catering, DJ, and seating arrangement while neglecting to plan what will happen in the ceremony itself. They become passive around the ritual  dumping it on the priest, rabbi or officiator.

Please make sure the person who officiate your wedding is someone you trust, appreciate or someone you know. It does not have to be a rabbi or a priest. Today it is easy to have faith without religion. For example, ask your yoga teacher, a professor you admire, or an artist (Joseph Campbell argued that artists are the modern-day shamans) to wed you. Spend time with the person you chose and share some funny, meaningful stories and anecdotes about your relationship, how you met, so that s/he has material to work with.

I suggested to my niece and her husband to write their vows in a few paragraphs, short and meaningful, that they could read during the ceremony. I asked them not share it with each other and keep it private. I wanted them to hear it for the first time during the ceremony and experience the anticipation and laughter and tears along with the rest of the audience. I asked them to send it to me before so I can decide who will go first and make sure they did not write something that contradict the other’s vows. It was amazing what they came up with. I cried and laughed when I read their vows and I knew they were perfect. These vows became the backbone of the ceremony.  It was right when they stood and read their vows, exposing themselves in front of everyone, that I felt the spirit of the ceremony channel to everyone in the wedding. It was authentic and real. The laughs and tears from the people surrounding the bride and groom sealed their love forever.

Exchange of Rings
The ring represents infinity, and the ring finger in palmistry is associated with the Sun. The same way the planets orbit the Sun so does the lover gravitate towards the beloved. There is evidence that the wedding rings ceremony go back 6000 years to Ancient Egypt. Rings are round, Chakra means wheel, the Spheres of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life are round. There is something holy about putting a circle on your beloved’s finger. I asked them to come up with whatever they want to say to each other when they place the rings and it worked well.

One Last Thing
In traditional Jewish wedding, it is common to end the ceremony with the husband breaking a glass.  My niece was raised with my sister’s woman liberation education and is a fierce fighter for equality. She suggested that they both break light-bulbs instead of glasses. I was super happy about that. There was so much symbolism in it. The breaking of the vessels according to Kabbalah, the shattering of Avalokiteśvara, the Buddha of Compassion etc. The traditional reason for breaking the glass is to commemorate, even in your happiest moment, the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem. Kind of morbid. I believe that we, who consider ourselves creative, imaginative, spiritual yet not religious, have to come up with our own modern mythology that can give us meaning but with less attachment to nationalism, religiosity and ego. So, before the breaking of the light-bulbs I conjured another interpretation that could easily be used by an atheist, a Christian, Muslim or members of any other faith. I suggested that we break these light bulbs to commemorate the Big Bang that while it was an explosion, did create life. I added a modern-day blessing: may the shattering of these light-bulbs create life in the newly wed universe. Amen

Hope this wonderful wedding I had the honor to be part of can inspire you or your loved ones and may one ceremony of union lead to another until we are all one and at-one.

Have a great new moon and equinox!
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