Happy Equinox


Sep 22/23 is the Equinox. A celebration of balance and relationships. One of the most important days of the year

Kabbalah Retreat at Esalen, CA March 23-25!!!
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Los Angeles, CA: Saturday, Sep 23 6pm Past Lifetime Regression at the Den Meditation, Hollywood: https://denmeditation.com/events/past-life-regression/

Washington DC: Oct 5-9 for readings: Gahl@CosmicNavigator.com Past Lifetime Regression Saturday, Oct 7 at 12:30pm Flow Yoga: http://flowlove.me/ 11XsJcR  

Alexandria, VA: Sunday, Oct 8, 2-4pm at Pure Prana: Increase your Intuition. For more info click HERE 

New York, NY: Oct 9-20. Workshop on Past Lifetime Regression, Monday, Oct 16 at 7pm at Golden Bridge Yoga 253 Centre St, New York 10013. To sign in call: +1 212-343-8191 For readings please email Gahl@CosmicNavigator.com 

Esalen, CA: March 23-25 Kabbalah Weekend: Make Your Dreams Come True with the Tree of Life. Leaders: Gahl Sasson and Bianca Sapetto. For more info: HERE

Happy Equinox!

There is Mother Day, and President Day, there is Earth Day and Valentine's Day, Child Day, Independence Day, but there is no Balance Day or Equality Day. The ancient astrologer and stargazers knew that such a day existed. It was enough for them to see the relationship between the night and the day, the yin and yang to figure it out. After all, our purpose here on earth is to find balance. To walk the Dao, to stride on the the Golden Path that runs between all extremes.

Right when this email reached your inbox, the day and the night are equal. Today is Balance Day, the day of equality and equilibrium. It is the day of Maat, the goddess of justice, whose symbol is the feather. Today you can celebrate balance, justice and equality. Today you need to look at all the extremes in your life and try to find some balance. For thousands of years, people from all over the world erected stones, build temples and pyramids to commemorate and trace this day.

All you need to do is sit down, relax, breathe deeply and image yourself sitting in a golden pyramid. Try to imagine yourself happy, balanced, and in perfect harmony with the cosmos. Imagine planets, stars and galaxies orbiting around you in perfect majesty. If you have a partner imagine the digit eight forming between you when you sit in one of the circle and your lover in the other. If you don't have a partner, imagine someone coming in and sitting in front of you. Do it for 11 minutes, as 11 is the master number associated with today's energy.

Today the sign Libra begins. It is the sign of peace and relationships. It is the astrological "Valentine's Day." Send a nice text or message to your partner in life or in work. Today you can make peace with someone you experienced conflict. It is a day colored green and ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. 

I wish you a happy Equinox and a wonderful Autumn (if you are north of the equator) or a spring (if you are south of the equator).

If you are in Los Angeles, hope to see you tomorrow for the past lifetime regression (see info above) and if you are in Washington DC and NY, I will see you there in October. If you are in Europe I will see you Dec/Jan. The rest I will see in my dreams and astral worlds...

Happy Day of Balance!!!


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