Jupiter in Scorpio Oct 19


Jupiter, the planet of fortune, opportunities and luck is moving to Scorpio. What does it mean for each of the signs?

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I am now flying over the US from West to East on the other lane of Apollos’ chariot. If you are in Washington DC or New York, please check out my workshops listed above. In November, I will be flying southward, in pursuit of spring, escaping the winter blues into the arms of Argentina’s approaching summer. In December, lady winter has an appointment with me in Istanbul and Sofia, Bulgaria. In January, I will be in Israel, London, and Munich, and in February, I will be in Spain. I hope to see you in person in one of these places in one of these seasons. In addition, I will be leading a weekend workshop at Esalen with Bianca Sapetto on Kabbalah, March 23-25. Come celebrate the spring equinox with us and the flowering California wild-flowers!

Most of the pain and suffering the world is experiencing now is caused by humans and is therefore preventable. That is why we do not have to look above to find reasons for what is transpiring below. The mass shooting in Vegas; the delay in aid to Puerto Rico; the suffering in Burma; the oppression in Russia; and the constant struggles in Africa and the Middle East can all be avoided. Humanity cannot blame the gods or the planets or the devil anymore. Those days are over. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, the human aeon, when all the good and all the evil under the sun is our making. Flood? Sea level rising? Well, it’s global warming, not God punishing the Nephilim. Wars? Our collective egos manifested as the fabricated notion of nations, not the Devil or the lack of faith in the Lord. Obsession with assault rifles? Not Mars’ demand for defending your family, but a severe cultural psychosis of insecurity and Peter Pan Syndrome. We need not look at the stars to see when it will be over. We need not ask astrologers: what the hell is happening up there? We cannot even pray to Jesus, Allah, angels, Jehovah, or Obatala to stop the suffering. How can we ask someone else to stop what we ourselves are doing? When politicians or religious leaders ask us to pray, we should remind them that whoever they think their God is, he is not able to undo what we do to ourselves.

But if we are looking at the stars to get another viewpoint on what is happening on earth, there is some movement beginning Oct 10. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, flow, and opportunities is entering Scorpio and will stay there until Nov 7, 2018. Of course, it is great news to Scorpio but also to Cancer and Pisces, fellow water signs. It is also beneficial to Capricorn and Virgo, the earth signs. However, Taurus should be a bit careful not to over-strain themselves, as Jupiter in Scorpio, their opposite sign, can create situations of over-commitment, and over-optimism.

Astrology is an art form that strives to identify, compare, and connect cycles. By looking at the last few times Jupiter was in Scorpio, you can better understand what kind of expansion you can expect in the next 12 months. Go back to Nov 2005 – Nov 2006; Nov 1993 – Dec 1994; Dec 1981 – end of 1982; and most of 1970. Try to find a pattern, an area in your life where you experienced flow, opportunities, luck, abundance. It could have been the seed of a tree that will yield fruit this year.

Traditionally, Jupiter in Scorpio can help your partner tap into his or her talents and financial gains; it can bring an inheritance or good return on investments; and it can help projects that deal with joint artistic or joint financial productions. It can increase your sex drive and connect you to intimacy. It is a great aspect for research and investigation, especially for the healing arts. Jupiter in Scorpio can aid in shedding and peeling away the parts of your personality, diet, or social circle you do not need anymore. It can help you to decease and resurrect, to reincarnate without the need for dying. In many ways, it will bring about your inner Scorpio. Of course, it is very beneficial to Scorpios, people with Scorpio rising or moon, and anyone with planets in that sign.

Here is a list of where you can expect Jupiter to manifest growth and opportunities:
  • Aries: Sexuality, investments, intimacy, magic, healing arts.
  • Taurus: Relationships, partnerships in work and life, artistic expression.
  • Gemini: Health, work, diet, employees.
  • Cancer: Children, love, happiness, sports, entertainment.
  • Leo: Home, family, real estate, motherhood.
  • Virgo: Communication, siblings, roommates, writing, business, contracts.
  • Libra: Finance, talents, self-worth.
  • Scorpio: Body, health, re-branding, personality, charisma, and general success.
  • Sagittarius: Letting go, mysticism, compassion, reconnecting to talents and people from previous lives. 
  • Capricorn: Government, friends, organization, nonprofits.
  • Aquarius: Career, professional life, bosses, promotions.
  • Pisces: Travel, higher education, philosophy.
According to the Astrology of Becoming (see my book, Cosmic Navigator), even if you are not a Scorpio, you can still benefit from Jupiter’s gifts in 2018 by “becoming” a Scorpio. You can embody the positive qualities of Scorpio, thus attracting the gifts that Jupiter bestows on the sign throughout 2018. How to become a Scorpio? Be deep, intense. Allow transformation to come into your life. Create intimate meaningful relationships. Shine your sexuality (without endangering yourself or anyone around you). Let go of things that are dead in your life so new ones can resurrect. Be a therapist when asked for advice and allow your own healing to take place. Help others connect to their talents and support other people’s projects. Be less talkative and listen more. Become an agent and manager for people around you. Allow magic into your life and take active interest in the occult. Investigate, do a lot of research, and go to the root of problems. These qualities can build energetic receptors in you for the celestial vibes of Jupiter in 2018.

From November 7, the energy shifts as Jupiter moves to his own sign, Sagittarius. That is great news to everyone, since Jupiter in Sagittarius is generous and fun-loving. It means lots of travel, adventures, luck, synchronicities, and flow in the last two months of the year.

Scorpio is the only zodiac sign that needs three symbols to contain it: the scorpion, the serpent, and the eagle. The reason is that Scorpio embodies the principle of transformation. The scorpion dies and is reborn as the serpent. The snake dies and reincarnates into an eagle. We too can benefit from death and resurrection this year. It affords us a rare opportunity to change, to improve, to better ourselves and others.

I wish a year of transformation for us all on a personal, social, and global level. May we shed what we do not need and find intimacy and joy.

Happy Halloween!


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