Scorpio's Halloween

Scorpio's Halloween
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Esalen, CA: March 23-25 Kabbalah Weekend: Make Your Dreams Come True with the Tree of Life. Leaders: Gahl Sasson and Bianca Sapetto. For more info: HERE

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Happy New Year!

I know it is confusing. So many New Year’s and so little End Year’s. But Halloween, the 31st of October, is the Celtic New Year. And since the Celts were Tree People (their places of worship were sacred groves), one should pay attention to their decision to begin the year during the month of Scorpio, the sign of death.

 Why begin the year when the trees shed? When they pretend to die? Why begin something in the end?
Homer, the great storyteller, is believed to have said that good stories must begin at the end. He is of course mythologically speaking, absolutely correct. If life is circular, non-linear, then, as Sefer Yetzira, the oldest book of Kabbalah proclaims: “the end is embedded in the beginning and the beginning in the end.” Existence is cyclical. After all we do orbit the Sun, which in turn goes around the axis of our galaxy that itself circumvents the center of the universe. The Celts got it right. We should start at the end – death is the beginning of life.

Until November 22, we are sailing through the waters of Scorpio, the sign depicted by the Tarot as “Death.” Cells must die for us to live. The phoenix must burn to rise from its ashes. During the month of Scorpio, we experience a heightened sense of intimacy with death and letting-go. It is during Scorpio that the passionate and sexual relationship between life and death comes to its ecstatic peak.
The Celts priests, Druids, whose name is derived from dree (tree), could feel that the veils between the living and the dead are thinnest during the end of October, beginning of November. For those who believe in reincarnation, it means that the ability to access memories from past lives are the strongest around this time of the year. Whenever I teach my workshop on reincarnation, I ask the participants if there are any Scorpios present as the regression works much smoother if people from that sign are there to channel the archetype.

During the next few weeks, especially since Jupiter is now in Scorpio, pay extra attention to signs and synchronicities that could point or direct you towards recollections from past lives. Maybe someone new coming into your life that feels familiar, perhaps an urge to develop a new skill or talent, a craving to travel to a country you never been to before. Sometimes it can come as an unexpected pain in the body, or a reoccurring dream, or a historical novel that resonates with you more than other books. Whatever the omen, try to follow its lead. Scorpio is also the sign of investigation and magic. You can now unravel and uncover a great deal of information about who you are based on who you were.
It is very appropriate that we wear costumes during Halloween or the Day of the Dead. When you are consciously wearing a disguise, you are participating in an ancient ritual. Your body, your clothes, your skin, your name, your ego are also a costume that your soul wears in this life-long Halloween you are living. As the Heart Sutra claims: “there is no me, there is no you.” When we wear costumes, we recognize the truth behind the assertion that we too are not who we “truly” are. However, you choice of costume can serve as another tool to discover who you were in a past life.

According to the studies of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, children between the ages of 2-6 show the most amount of memories from past lives. Go back to these ages and try to remember if you were obsessed about a certain costume. Maybe ask family members for help in recollection. Look deep and hard. Maybe there was an archetype that attracted you more than others.  Even if you really wanted to be a princess, it could still mean something. After all, you probably had thousands of lifetimes and statistically speaking, you must have had a lifetime or two of being royalty.

When I did this exercise, I remembered my constant attempts to dress like cowboy. I know it was not influenced by watching Westerners. I have a deep dislike to that genre which dates back to early childhood. I nevertheless, was obsessed with the gun, the hat and the whole cow-wrangling business. Now that I look back I realized it correlated with my life. I ended up living in a Kibbutz, a farming village in the Golan Heights in Israel, and joined the cattle ranchers. I spend almost a year leading cows away from Syrian minefields, and chasing coyotes away. Later I found myself living in the Wild-West (Los Angeles) and for years I insisted on going to Joshua Tree for my birthdays, only later to discover it was used by cattle wranglers to hide and smuggle livestock from Mexico to the US.

Was I a cowboy? Maybe. But that is not what this is all about. One needs to focus or discover the underlining archetype of the costume. Maybe I was not a cowboy but I was under the archetype pf cowboyness. Perhaps I was a renegade explorer, maybe a pioneer, going baldly where no one has gone before. Maybe I was a liminal character, living beyond the boundaries of civilization, answering to his own set of laws (which could explain some of my issues in this life, I am sure). I must have had a previous life of a person who pushed boundaries and since I wanted to be reconnect to that archetype between the ages of 2 to 6, it must be a sign of what of both my gifts and curses in this life.
Yes, you can still be goofy, funny and original and wear a costume of your own making, maybe that would fall under the archetype of the Fool, or the Joker, which can also give you a great insight into your character.

I wish you a happy Scorpio, a wonderful dance with Lady Death, a rise of a phoenix, and spiritual adventures into past memories.             


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