Binary Gemini and a Junction Exercise

Binary Gemini and a Junction Exercise
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Greetings from Hong Kong! I started my summer tour and hope to see you in person in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Sofia, Zurich, London, Spain, or Israel. Above you can find the info and dates.

Binary Gemini

We are now flying through the airy skies of Gemini, a mutable air sign, which is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods and goddesses. While Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are considered to be masculine signs and Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces are feminine, Gemini is the only sign that is androgynous. Gemini is a-binary, gender-less, objective, master of the liminal spaces. 

Consider Donald Trump, arguably the most famous/infamous Gemini world leader and his fickle on-again off-again summit with Kim Jong Un that is supposed to take place during the new moon in Gemini, June 12. Gemini is the sign of messages, communication, logic as well as illogic.  Gemini is the sign of trade, coincidences, trickery and magic. Gemini is associated with our Nervous System and its capital, the binary cortex, which boasts a left and a right hemisphere. This dual nature is depicted by the Tarot card for Gemini, the Lovers: Adam and Eve, the first twins as well as lovers.

When Einstein’s brain was analyzed to study which hemisphere could account for his genius, it was discovered that what made Einstein’s brain one of the most brilliant in human history was neither his left nor right hemisphere but rather his abnormally big corpus callosum, the thick band of nerve fiber that bridges the two hemispheres. I think these scientists answered many queries besides what they originally set up to investigate. If there was any question about what is more important to lead a healthy productive life, being masculine or feminine? living in the East or West? acting yin or yang? the answer is neither. It is the balance between the two options that makes life ingenious. The middle path of the Buddha, the middle pillar in the Tree of Life.   

To honor the passage of the sun in Gemini, I would like to talk binary. As I shared in an earlier newsletter post, we created computers in our own image, just as the biblical book of Genesis claims that God created us in his/her own image. Therefore, one can mythologically deduct that computers are God’s grandchildren. As you know, computers speak in binary language which was also spoken by many mystics in the past. Leibniz invented the modern binary system in 1689. He said his system resembled the I Ching that used the binary letters of yin/yang. Similar binary system was also used in Africa and Asia using slit-drums which sounds were used as an idiophone (like Morse code). These binary principles are found across the globe. For example, the Dao's yin/yang; Alchemy's above/below; Astrology’s day/night; Kabbalah’s giving/receiving and Buddhism’s form/emptiness etc. That is why I believe computers can one day, or perchance already, contain the divine signature spark found in plants, animals and humans.

How do computers work? They encode information or data using electricity. An electrical pulse runs through transistors. The transistor has a flip-flop mechanism that either allows the electrical current to go through (on) or not (off). Thus, the bit 1 represents on and the bit 0 off. Yes – no; yin – yang; light-dark; day-night etc. There are billions of transistors in the computer, just as there are billion cells in our bodies. While orthodox religion  believe God created us in his image, mystics and philosopher contend that it is also possible that we created God in our own image. Same can be said about computers. Yes, we program computers but perhaps computers program us in return. Our lives revolve around technology. Think of how your life would be if suddenly all computers will shut down.

Here is a Gemini exercise I started doing at my workshop with wonderful results. The electrical current in our case could be symbolized by what mystics call “Light” or “Or” in Kabbalah or “Chi” in Daoism. In modern mythology it is the Jedi's “Force.” This life force flows around us and through us, however, like in the computer, this force or destiny takes us through junctions, transistors, that flip and flop our lives, taking us through an open or close door; on or off pathways; action or reception; YES or NO. Of all these junctions or metaphorical transistors, I believe there are pivotal or crucial crossroads that determine our lives. These crossroads are mega-junctions and their nature, the place and time when they took place and how we reacted to them can shed a great deal of light on our identity and destiny. 

The exercises is simple enough but very profound. Think of the most important 0 and 1 in your life and see how these bits “programmed” you. Look for a junction in your life when you had to scream “No!” or something or maybe someone who said “No!” to you. This will be your 0. Then think of the most important “Yes!” you experienced. Maybe it was someone opening a door for you, hiring you, giving you an opportunity. This will symbolize your 1 bit. Now you have your 0 and 1 and you will see, just like with computers, that these 0 and 1 made you who you are. You will discover that the NO many times actually lead to many YES and that your YES may have lead to other NO. That is how the bits become bytes. Recognizing these junctions and seeing how you accepted them, where they took place, how it changed your diet, health, friendships, financial situation can teach you a great deal about how you make decisions and how you deal with opportunities. It will shed light on your inner Yin (No) and Yang (Yes). Your No can teach you how you connect to acceptance and your feminine side, your Yes can show how you work with action and your masculine side. 

When I did this exercise, I realized that the hardest NO I had to deal with was when I was not accepted to the graduate psychology program at Haifa University. I was devastated since I had the perfect scores and thought I would be a great clinical psychologist. But the professor whom I asked for recommendations told me that not only he will not endorse my application, but since he sits on the board that decides who is accepted, he will make sure I am rejected. Ouch. It was not personal, he assured me. He just thought I am too creative to be in their program. This professor was my transistor and because the electrical current didn’t flow towards lighting up my path of clinical psychology, I found myself within a month in Mexico forming a rock band called Sirius and being introduced to yoga, Kabbalah, and astrology. Looking back, I can see how my issues with my feminine side has to do with rejection. It was also my feminine side (creativity) that was the reason I was rejected. I had to learn how to accept rejection and learn how to trust and flow (feminine qualities) and indeed I traveled to Mexico with my surfing friends and literally had to spend tine in water (feminine element) and learn to surf synchronicities. 

My biggest YES was when Simon & Schuster publishing house agreed to release  “A Wish Can Change Your Life,” which led to my career in teaching and charting around the world. It forced me to be active (find different countries to publish my book) made me embark into adventures in far far places and explore new frontiers, all masculine qualities. Come to think of it, that YES lead to this email landing in your inbox.

As we approach the new moon in Gemini (June 13/14) it is the perfect time to do this binary work. Do it in meditative moments, maybe after a yoga class or other training. Maybe reflect on your personal 0 and 1 while on a hike or swimming, or just before you go to sleep. If you like to share these 0/1 stories, please feel free to reply to this email. Once you done this work with yourself, encourage other people who are close to you to do the same. You can learn a great deal about your partners, friends, and family by knowing their 0 and 1. For some people the 0 (NO) was when they became sober and screamed NO to a substance. For some it was when they left their country or got divorce or got fired. For some the 1 (YES) was when they embarked on a new career or fell in love, or started a new hobby, yoga, or got accepted to a new position.

These bits or 0 and 1 in your life can teach you how you communicate with the cosmic computer. Your 0 and 1, your No! and Yes! are linked like two sides of the same coin. Recalling and reconnecting to these junctures in your life can show you how you deal with YES and NO, how good are you at accepting and how well you deal with loss or abandonment. This exercise will also show you that for everything there is a reason even if you don’t get it at first. NO can be a blessing in disguise and YES can sometime be an echo of a past NO. This technique can demonstrate that what is important in life is the balance between the 0 and 1. Remember it is not about the 0 or 1 but the bridges we build between the NO and YES. That's what made Einstein a genius and that what can make us reprogram our binary lives.

01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101
(means LOVE in binary language)

The Astrology of 2018 and the Year of the Dog - Navigating the Year Ahead!

Below is an excerpt of my book. Please share it with your friends and relatives. Many Thanks!

Excerpts from The Astrology of 2018 - The Year of the Dog and its Master
By Gahl E. Sasson
2018 promises to be an explosive year. It is neither calm nor peaceful. It is like a hyperactive dog that can’t stay still and needs long walks in the park. Well, that is an optimistic and nice way of looking at what is happening in the Year of the Earth Dog. We have 5 eclipses instead of the usual 4; we have 3 Mercury retrogrades; but we also have Mars and Venus retrograding. To make it even more complicated, we will have the last Mercury retrograde start right on the day Venus ends her retrograde motion. It means over two months of confusion and disarray. Also, the second eclipse this year falls right on the Chinese New Year (February 15). Whenever an eclipse occurs on a birthday or a beginning of a year, it makes the year far more volatile. To top it all, the year starts on a full moon. It is far more auspicious to bring something to a closure on a full moon, rather than begin. 
If 2018 is the Year of the Dog, then we are talking about a pit-bull rather than a docile poodle. 
2018 is a very important year for relationships and love. Many of us will reassess our partnerships in work and/or in life. It is a year where our “significant others” will be scrutinized and reevaluated. Many of us will experience break-ups, especially around the eclipses, or during Mars, Venus or Mercury retrograde. But, at the same time, many of us will reconnect to old partners or find new ones. The reason is fourfold:
  1. Eclipses always quicken processes and in 2018 we have an extra eclipse, which is mostly in Leo, the sign of love. The eclipse on July 27/28 actually falls on Tu BeAv, the biblical day of love, celebrated from the time of the temple in Jerusalem.
  2. This year we have both Venus (planet of love) and Mars (planet of passion and fights) in retrograde. Many break-ups and quarrels happen during retrograde motions.
  3. The numerology of the year 2018 (11 and 2) puts an energetic focus on relationships and on the oppositions of “I versus thou” or “mine versus yours” and “me versus us.”
  4. In the Chinese astrology, 2018 is the Year of the Dog (starts February 15). The dog, more than any other animal, has the longest and deepest relationship with humans. Don’t be surprised if your partner or lover will try to domesticate you and make you a good well-tamed “puppy.”
Astrology is not a fortune telling tool. It is a sophisticated system of symbols that explains the past, describes the present, and provides tools to design the future. Astrology is a GPS for the soul, a road map that helps us understand cycles. Astrology is the daughter of the ecstatic, passionate, and complicated relationship between Father Free Will and Mother Fate.

The main focus in 2018 is your career and your status in your community. As the ram, the leader of the zodiac, this is super important. After all, you are the shepherded and this year you are going to shepherds’ school. Saturn, the planet of karma and lessons, moved on December 20, 2017 from your house of travel and education into your house of career. The first few months of 2018, you might feel a shakeup in your career or with authority figures. It can also manifest as some concerns or issues with your father and/or father figures. But overall, since Saturn feels great in Capricorn, the sign it rules, there is a chance that through hard work you could see your career improving with a great deal of recognition and awards.

Patience, focus, discipline, and persistence can help you gain favor with Saturn in the next few years. If you are not satisfied with your chosen profession, this year you can change your career. If you are fulfilled in your path, then 2018 can bring success and well-earned recognition. Remember, you are the pioneer and this year you are asked to explore new territories in your career. If you have a plan and feel ready, this year you can transition into self-employment or a managerial position.

Since mid-October 2017, Jupiter moved into your house of sexuality. You can expect some sexy time! You will also experience much more intimacy and better luck with investments, productions, and working with other people’s money and talents.

In the last few years, Saturn, the planet of karma and harsh lessons, was in your house of death and sexuality. It was not easy, since Saturn forcefully demanded you to change, morph, peel, and shed your old skin. 2018 is the year you can emerge out of the cocoon, spread your wings, and become a butterfly. Yes, you are a phoenix rising out of the ashes of your former self. In 2018, Saturn connects you to a foreign culture or to people or philosophies coming from abroad. Saturn can also propel you to embark on a new study. Teaching what you want to learn and learning what you want to teach will be your mantra for the next few years.

I highly recommend studying a new language. Whenever you learn a new language, the skills you possessed when you spoke that language in past lives return to you. It as if the language is stored in the same place these abilities hide and opening your mind to one leads to the other. Since your sign is the sign of talents, you can expect a new language to lead to new talents. These talents can later translate into financial gains.

But since mid-October, 2017, Jupiter moved into Scorpio, your opposite sign. This year you can expect good news in regards to relationships, marriage, and partnerships in your private life and work.

In the last few years, Saturn has been forcing you to reassess your significant relationships. Saturn, known in Kabbalah as the rectifier, has been instigating situations in marriage and partners in work to teach you the value of significant others. You felt like your partners provoked you and pushed your buttons, trying to get you to lose your cool. This is all changing in 2018. Saturn is now shifting into your house of death and transformation. In the next few years, Saturn will teach you lessons around  passion and sexuality. He will allow you to see what you are attracting into your life, what motivates and drives you, and how good you are at saying “goodbye.” Your priorities will change and you will gain more clarity about what is important in life. No more superficiality, this year you are deep diving into your true nature. Since Saturn is visiting your house of death, you will have to learn the lesson of letting go and releasing. There are dead things in your life that need to be buried. You need to practice shedding. Just be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

But since mid-October 2017, you started receiving good news relating to work and health. It is a good time to expand your work, hire employees, and find a way to serve humanity. You might get a promotion and receive more responsibilities that you will be able to carry with no trouble at all. You will find your schedule being overbooked. So be careful not to say “yes” to too many projects or assignments.

In the last few years, Saturn, the Lord Karma and grand teacher, has been teaching you some harsh lessons through your health and work. Many of your clan experienced hardship with diets, routine, and the ability to serve. You might have felt like your efforts were not rewarded and that no matter how much you try, you could not achieve your goals. So here is some good news: it is over! In 2018, work should flow much better and, towards the end of the year, Jupiter will enter your house of health and work and will begin the process of healing.

In the last few weeks of 2017, Saturn moved into your house of relationships and marriage. Since it is the house of all contractual relationships as well as justice and law, those are the areas of life where you will have to grow through crisis. If you are in a relationship, then this period can bring challenges with your partner or maybe your partner will go through some difficulties in his or her life. If you don’t have a partner, then there is a chance, especially at the end of the year, of attracting a significant other.

This year it is all about love. Jupiter is entering your house of love, happiness, children, and creativity. It is amazing news as we just saw that Saturn will be in your house of marriage. When we fall in love, we treat our lover like royalty, but then Saturn comes and consolidates the love into a relationship, which is when we start treating our partner like we treat ourselves. This year you will be able to have your cake and eat it. You can experience love and a relationship simultaneously.

Unruly children? Problems in love? Hard to find happiness or feeling like your mojo abandoned you? Well, that was the past. The last couple of years was rough with love for many of you lions. Saturn, the planet of karma and harsh lessons, was in your house of love, happiness, creativity, and children. Saturn teaches us through crisis. In the last three years, you were like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, but soon you can become Aslan, the great savior lion from The Chronicles of Narnia, or at least Simba from The Lion King.

2017 was not easy for you, since the eclipses shifted into your sign and, around your birthday (August 7 and 21 of 2017), things were heading on a collision course. As you will see below, next year the eclipses are still in your sign and will make life feel faster than normal, but Saturn moving into your house of work, diet, and health will release the blocks that were around your love and children. So yes, love will be easy, but Saturn never tires of teaching us about something we need to fix.

In 2018, you will experience Jupiter’s benevolence in your house of home and family. It is a great time to invest in real-estate, move to a more comfortable house, get pregnant, get married, and create a family. There is a possibility for healing relationships or feuds in your family of origin. In general, Jupiter in your house of home can help you be in touch with your feelings and create a better sense of security.

The last few years were not easy on the home front. Saturn, the lord of karma and provider of tough lessons, was in your house of home, family, motherhood, and security. You are typically very analytical and logical, but the last few years were emotional, and you were forced to walk in uncharted territories. In addition, the eclipses in 2015 and 2016 were in your sign and caused a great deal of upheaval and change. Many Virgos reevaluated their family status. Some even divorced. Some changed location. And some committed to buying property. Saturn is not evil. It teaches us what we don’t want to learn. It is the kind of personal trainer who, while he makes us throw up, also manages to banish the extra weight.

This year Saturn is moving into your house of love, children, and happiness. Now Saturn will ask you questions such as: where is your love? What moves you in life? What is your hobby—wait, do you have one? Are you having fun? What happened to your inner child? What are your relationships with your kids? Again, Saturn is not an agent of the devil. Saturn is the contractor here to fix us and make us better. Saturn in the house of children can bring issues with your children or with the children of your mind, as in your baby projects. Maybe you will start feeling that whatever was causing you happiness before does not work anymore. Some people quit recreational drugs or partying during this transit. So that is not a bad transit at all.

Saturn, known in Kabbalah as the rectifier, the fixer, teaches us with the stick rather than the carrot. In the last few years, Saturn was trying to teach you how to communicate better. It is strange, as Libra is a cardinal air sign, which means you can teach the rest of the zodiac how to interconnect. But even a doctor has to go to visit a doctor and a teacher also needs to learn. The last few years were focused on education, writing, and testing to see how well you communicate. It was not easy to make decisions (worse than usual), and you might have experienced some issues with siblings, roommates, neighbors, and relatives. But this is over. The next few years Saturn will be in your house of home and family, moving you from the kingdom of the mind into the queendom of the heart.

Saturn teachings in the house of family have to do with finding your sense of security. Where and with whom do you feel safe? This is the time that many Libras will experience their home life falling apart, while others will create a family. It is a good time to commit and buy a property, change location, get pregnant, and heal relationships with family members, especially mothers.

In 2018, you will discover new talents that can potentially become a money source. You might get an award or the well-deserved recognition you desire as well as a raise and or a promotion. Who knows, maybe all of the above. Be careful not to be over-generous and spend too much money on yourself or others. Yes, this year you can increase your earning potential, but it will be wise to save it.

In the last few years, Saturn, the Lord Karma and deliverer of harsh lessons, was providing you with opportunities to fix, focus, and rectify your financial situation and self-worth. It was not supposed to be easy. Many Scorpios changed the way they made money. Some invested in their talents. Many more had to deal with financial setbacks. This process was designed to help you restructure your values and help you set your priorities straight. In 2018, you are coming out of the financial swamp and in 2019 abundance is coming your way.

In the last few weeks of 2017, Saturn shifted gears and moved into your house of communication. Yes, we all know that Scorpios are secretive and private folk. You made a name for yourself as being the master spies, the poker players of the zodiac who never show their cards. As a Water Bender you are a mute sign, not because you have nothing to say, but because you rather keep us all on a “need to know basis.” But this year, things are changing. Saturn, for the first time in 30 years, will help you look deeply at your communication skills. How do you market yourself? How do you share information? What do you want to communicate to the word? What is your message? If you were a country, it would mean you are fixing your infrastructure.

This year Jupiter is in your sign! That is the best news you have received in a while. It started mid-October, 2017, and will continue for most of 2018. This transit happens every 12 years, and you can go back to 2006, 1994, and 1982 to try to identify how Jupiter worked with you before.

It wasn’t easy. I know. We were all with you, seeing our Sagittarius lighthouses turning dark from the end of 2014 until the end of 2017. But you are the beacon of light and hope. You are the sign of optimism. For crying out loud, look at your neighbors. On one side you have Scorpio, the sign of death, and on the other side, Capricorn, the sign of karma. No wonder you are the sign of hope. Without it, you would never survive! But you have to admit, with all that darkness in the last three years, you grew like never before.

The reason for all the hardships is that, since the end of 2014, Saturn, the lord karma, the teacher of harsh lessons, traveled in your sign. This transit takes place every 30 years, which means that between 1986 and1989 you experienced similar challenges. It was a spiritual workout, and now you are wiser, stronger, and better than you ever were before. You cannot compare yourself to who you were three years ago. Yes, you might have scars and some traumas, but you are now ready to conquer the world. If you look deeply, you will see that even though it was hard (and thank Goddess it’s over), you would not want to erase these years. You know it was worth it.
From mid-October, 2017, Jupiter has moved into your house of letting go, mysticism, and past lives. This is a great time to reconnect to skills and talents from previous lives as well as soul-mates and members of your soul-cluster. Jupiter in your house of empathy will make you very sensitive to the point of being a psychic, a mystic, and a medium.

In the last few years, Saturn, your ruler, was in the house of letting go. You were asked to do something you didn’t feel comfortable doing, and that is to throw things away, to surrender, and to let go of people, attitudes, objects, and habits. Capricorn is the sign that can find a use for everything under the sun. You are the MacGyver of the zodiac. After all, your key word is “I use.” You can find something useful in any object, person, or situation, but as Saturn, the lord of karma and provider of tough lessons, was in your house of abandonment and separation, he forced you to visit the dumpster more often than you would have liked.

Saturn is your planet and therefore has a special relationship with you. He is like your father who is also the CEO of the zodiac. He loves you more than the other signs, but he also expects much more from you. For the last few years, Saturn was making you feel trapped, confined, jailed, and stuck. In other words, Saturn was in your house of pain and the only way to elevate the pain was to let go, surrender, and move on. You might have felt betrayed, abandoned, and all alone on the battlefield. The house of letting go is also the house of mysticism and empathy. You were given a chance to strip off your shell and find your true spiritual core.

Now Saturn moves into your sign, and since Capricorn is governed by Saturn, it means that you are getting the personal trainer you always dream about: a harsh, no nonsense kind of guy that gets results. Expect a lot of change and success.  

Saturn, known in Kabbalah as the rectifier, the fixer, teaches us with the stick rather than the carrot. In the last few years, Saturn was teaching you the meaning of community and friends. I know what you are thinking. You are the sign of friendships and fraternity. Why should you need to learn what you already know? But every 30 years, you need to reevaluate your place in the world and, from the end of 2014 until end of 2017, Saturn offered you an opportunity to change your clubs, friends, organizations, and company. You were asked to look into your core and see what you truly believe in.

In 2018, Saturn shifts gears and moves into your house of letting go, retreat, and mysticism. It is also called the house of pain and suffering. It does not mean the next few years are going to be hell. This house is not an easy place to walk through, but it gives you the opportunity to peel off what is called in Kabbalah, your Klipoth, your shell, exocarp, your obstacles, and your ego. The key word to succeed in the next few years is “surrender.” It does not mean you have to give up or feel defeated. It means you have to learn how to flow, surf the waves of synchronicities, and relax into the current.

From mid-October, 2017, Jupiter moved into your house of career. This is very good news on the professional level. There could be promotion, raise, new career opportunities, and a chance to become a leader in your workspace. It is also a good time to heal relationships with father figures, your own father, or bosses.

In the last few years, Saturn, the Lord Karma and deliverer of harsh lessons, was transiting in your house of career and social status. Saturn is associated with professional success and, when it moved to fix your career, it was rather intense for your tribe of dolphins. Saturn was holding the stick rather than the carrot and hit you on the head like a Zen master trying to enlighten a stubborn disciple. It was not easy with your father, bosses, or other authority figures. You experienced pressure and a great deal of frustration in your career. It felt like some roads were blocked, while others were impossible to walk on. But now your career should be in a better place.

From the last week of 2017, Saturn started its journey in your house of community, friends, and governments. You will find yourself changing your social circles, club associations, and the kind of people you hang out with. Old friends will drift away, making room to new ones. It will be a good idea to go back to these years and see how you were doing with friends, companies, and organizations at that time and learn from past mistakes.

Since mid-October 2017, Jupiter moved into your house of travel, education, and truth. Jupiter can give you blessings and benevolence if you harken to his message: be authentic, be real to yourself, say yes to every opportunity to travel, especially abroad or for education. This is a great time to study or work with foreigners or in a different country. If you had any issues with in-laws, this a great time to heal and change your relationships with them. In 2018, you will find many opportunities to teach, consult, and share your wisdom.

Gahl Sasson is an established author and has been teaching workshops on Storytelling, Kabbalah, Astrology, and Mysticism around the globe for over 20 years. His first book, A Wish Can Change Your Life, has been translated into over eight languages and is endorsed by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. His latest work, Cosmic Navigator, is the essential reference guide to understanding your astrological makeup.
He is a contributor to the Huffington Post, and, and has been named by W Magazine as one of “Los Angeles’ Best Astrologer.” Gahl was also chosen by Asia Spa Magazine as one of the 10 leading health practitioners in the world. His encyclopedic knowledge and charismatic presence have also made him a sought-after guest speaker. He is a guest lecturer at USC, Tel Aviv University, and teaches at Esalen, Omega Institute, University of Judaism, and the Open Center in NYC. He has appeared on CNN, ABC News, KTLA-TV Los Angeles to name a few. In 2017 his academic article, Symbolic Meaning of Names in the Bible was published by the Journal of Storytelling, Self, & Society. He currently resides in Los Angeles, but gives seminars and workshops regularly in USA, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Lithuania, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain, Belgium, Singapore, Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. His web site is


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