Paris: Rasa Yoga Weekend Workshops - Astrology, Relationships & Synchronicities

January 19, 2018 - 8:00pm
For Readings:

The Astrology of the Year 2019: Birthing your Inner-Child

Friday Jan 19 8pm-10pm 40 euros

Get your must have guide to all the major astrological aspects of the year 2018.

If you are planning something big next year, don't finalize anything until you take this class! You will leave this class with all the tools you need to make your wishes a reality as well as when to do it.
As we map out the year to come we will investigate:
•   Dates of Mercury retrograde
•   Full and New Moons & how to work with moon magic
•   Blessed & challenging dates
•   Eclipses and other important times
•   Specific astrological aspects & how they will affect you
In the workshop we discuss how to choose a good New Year Resolution and when is a good time to start manifesting it.
The Alchemy of Relationships: Using Mystical Traditions to Attract & Harmonize Partnerships

Yoga + Lecture with Gahl Sasson and Jason Olson

Saturday, Jan 19 3pm-6pm 45 euros

Are you searching for your other half or wondering what to do with the soulmate you’ve already found?
Why will we do anything to create a relationship, yet once we have one we find it incredibly challenging to maintain?
How can relationships be both wonderful and frustrating? Illuminating and disappointing? 
In this profoundly enlightening workshop, Gahl Sasson teaches you the missing keys for attracting the right people into your life and harmonizing your current relationships. Using myths and storytelling, Gahl weaves together the Buddhist Heart-Sutra with ancient Kabbalistic texts, the Ramayana & Shakespeare, Pythagoras & Psychology, Greek Tragedy and Hollywood movies, to give you the life-changing answers to crucial questions like:

• What are soul-mates and how do I know if my lover is my twin-flame?
• How can I harmonize and identify my masculine and feminine energies?
• How does astrological compatibility work and what are Love-Signs?
• How do I know if my inner masculine and feminine sides are in harmony or conflict?

Surfing Synchronicities: Deciphering Signs, Symbols & Coincidences

Yoga + Lecture with Gahl Sasson and Jason Olson

Sunday, Jan 20 2pm-5pm

45 euros
•   Are you seeing 111 everywhere?
•   Wondering if that coincidence that happened the other day has a greater meaning?
•   Is the universe trying to tell you something and you just can't quite put your finger on it?
In this experiential workshop, Gahl explores different systems of symbolism: Astrology, Kabbalah, Tarot, Dream Work, and Mythologies to help shed light on the question: is there such a thing as coincidence?

In many mystical traditions it is believed that everything happens for a reason. Using symbolism, you can get a deeper understanding of your life and improve your communication with the Universe. Decipher the hidden messages of serendipity and increases their frequency in your life.
It is time to decode the present to improve your future.

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