London class with Laura Day - Rise like a Phoenix: how to find opportunities in crisis

January 18, 2020 - 6:00pm
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+44 20 7483 3344
£45 (£40 early bird until 11th January)

From Brexit to climate change, a yoga injury or a midlife crisis; a financial downturn or a relationship falling apart. These hard moments in life offer a great opportunity for growth and empowerment.

In this workshop Laura Day and Gahl Sasson demonstrate that crisis, challenges and difficulties are blessings in disguise and with the right tools and attitude can empower our lives and enhance our personality.

2020 promises to be year with many rare and transformative aspects. Is it good or bad? People ask. Gahl provides you with the spiritual technology and shields to make you a warrior of light.

Laura, dubbed by The Independent as "the psychic of Wall Street" during the last credit crunch, teaches practical, evidence based uses of what are thought of as spiritual gifts. When we are in crisis it is most essential that we use our powerful intuitive and healing ability to create success and stability in our daily lives.

Laura will guide you through some quick and effective exercises, which will engage your intuitive ability while healing your life. Find out more at

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