The Moon's Journey

As you might have guessed, the moon is very busy after she crossed the equinox line. We had the Aries new moon beginning the month of Nisan and 14 days later, the Passover-Last-Supper full moon in Libra. Next is the new moon in Taurus, which is a big shift of focus and energy. We are shifting from the masculine elements of fire and air that are needed for liberation into the feminine elements of earth and water, which are vital for rebuilding. Metaphorically speaking, we crossed the Sinai desert for 30 days and now we are exploring the Promised Lands of milk (Taurus) and honey for 30 days. 

New Moon in Taurus
Some would argue that this April 22nd new moon in Taurus is the most potent new moon of the year. The Moon, our mother, nurturer, the giver of life (menstruation), the womb, she who shines upon us in the darkest of the night, is considered exalted when she is placed in Taurus. Albeit she is the ruler of Caner, in Taurus, the sign of Mother Nature, is where her reflective magic works the best and her radiating soothing silver light reaches furthest. Like a guest of honor, she appears in her best garments, wearing her multifaceted crown, she manifests in her pure benevolent form. By now, Nature should be blooming, bees busy making honey, cows' production of milk peaks after calving, and the trees wear their newly acquired green coat as life is bustling with excitement.

The new moon is a conjunction of the sun and the moon. They occupy the same degree in the sky, which means we have the Sun and the Moon both in Taurus. The bull and cow come together. The masculine aspects of Taurus (finance, self-esteem, certain talents) unite with the feminine attributes of the sign (talents, art, design, sensuality). The new moon (and even more the day after) is a great time to start something new that relates to Taurus' archetype: art, design, cooking, music, colors, values, self-esteem, gardening, remodeling, finance, talents, security, luxury, jewelry, makeup, flowers, pleasure, pottery. Maybe take drawing classes, or learn to play an instrument. Watch some videos for vegan dessert making, bird-watching, hiking in nature etc.

Since Taurus is associated with finance and money, April 22nd is a good day to do something practical or symbolic that can represent a beginning for a new financial avenue. Maybe start something that relates to an old talent you might have developed a while back that now can help you increase or add to your income.  

One aspect that makes this new moon a bit more hectic is Uranus, the planet of chaos, unpredictability and disruption, sitting in conjunction to the sun and moon. Uranus has been in Taurus since May 2018 but became more stable in Taurus since Nov 2019. Last time Uranus visited Taurus was during the Great Depression in the 30s. Uranus is the joker, the fool, he is the Great Awakener. Uranus will be in Taurus until 2026 and is supposed to change the way we look at economy, finance, and currencies. Since Uranus is located on the new moon, we can expect a few volatile weeks with a great deal of ups and downs. However, Uranus in Taurus can be brilliant, bring about new technologies that can change the way we look at economy. 

Synchronicity: Earth Day April 22
More and more studies are being published daily concerning the earth's reaction to the lower human activities since the global lock-down. From animal reclaiming the concrete fields of our cities to the earth herself relaxing, breathing and regenerating. This is from

Researchers who study Earth’s movement are reporting a drop in seismic noise — the hum of vibrations in the planet’s crust — that could be the result of transport networks and other human activities being shut down. They say this could allow detectors to spot smaller earthquakes and boost efforts to monitor volcanic activity and other seismic events.

A noise reduction of this magnitude is usually only experienced briefly around Christmas, says Thomas Lecocq, a seismologist the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels, where the drop has been observed.

Well, remember the song "I wish it was Christmas everyday." as they say, be careful what you wish for as it might just happen. And this is from The Atlantic:

According to an analysis by Marshall Burke, a professor in Stanford’s Earth-system science department, a pandemic-related reduction in particulate matter in the atmosphere—the deadliest form of air pollution—likely saved the lives of 4,000 young children and 73,000 elderly adults in China over two months this year.

Mother Nature is stretching, she is doing yoga now, and she is happy with the space we gave her to move her tired, old, yet ever regenerating limbs. And when is this happening? Right when the Earth day, which always takes place on May 22, is synchronized with the new moon in Taurus, which is the fixed earth sign of Mother Nature. This year we all have to do something to honor the earth. The lack of noise from human activity, makes the birds chirp and tweets sound louder, and so will it make our wishes for earth's celebration reverberate more intensely. 

April 22nd is a great day to go outdoor (mask and all) and plant something in the earth. That would be the greatest gift to mama nature. Maybe order a pack of wildflower seeds and spread them about or a small tree? If you cannot plant or seed something in the earth, then do it in the astral fields through your meditation. Imagine going to a beautiful forest, a magical grove, and plant your own tree of life. Maybe you can imagine you are holding a seedling or a small plant, and infuse it with something you wish for yourself. Then, imagine planting it as well as watering it with your intention. The Earth Day is a great day to honor your body as well. Yoga, dance, movement, stretching, could really be beneficial. One thing you can do this Earth Day, is join my friend Bianca Sapetto's Free-Lunar-Yoga class. Bianca was an Olympic competitor in rhythmic gymnast, certified yoga teacher, aerialist and a bonafide witch for many lives. She is offering a new set of lunar yoga and movement classes. Here is the link if you are interested: LUNAR YOGA. The first class on Earth Day is free. 

Since Earth Day falls right on the new moon, one might argue that our relationship to Mother Nature is changing this year. It is not about "going back to normalcy" once the virus goes away. There is a lesson here for us, a teaching that many of our young citizens belonging to generation Z and Alpha have been pushing in the last few years, culminating with Time Magazine choosing Greta Thunberg as Person of the Year 2019. As we slowly start turning the wheels of our economies back on, we must remember to make changes in how we deal with natural resources, water, air and the other co-inhabitants of our planet.   

Full Moon in May - the Scorpio Connection
While the new moon in Taurus is exalted, the full moon in May, which places the moon under the sign of Scorpio, is considered fallen. Doesn't sound that good, ha? Fallen moon, immediately brings the connotation of the fallen angel. When I just started studying astrology, 25 years ago, I drew my chart using the revolutionary computer program that ran on Basic and came in a floppy disk. The program flickered on the green/black Basic screen insisting that my moon is positioned in Scorpio. I was very unhappy. A fallen moon! But since then, thank Goddess, I have grown to love my fallen moon and realize, like living with a wild wolf, that some days we can cuddle next to the fireplace while in others I might get bitten for no reason. But it was only when I learned that according to the Buddhist tradition, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and died on the full moon in Scorpio, that I relaxed and fully accepted my moon. If it is good enough for the Buddha, damn, it is good enough for me. 

The full moon in May is not a random choice to represent birth, life, and enlightenment. The 7th of May full moon in Scorpio offers us an opportunity to release and let go of things that hold us back. Scorpio rules death, intimacy, occult, magic, witches and wizards, shamans and therapies, sexuality and transformation. Siddhartha, as a Taurus could sit 7 days under the Bodhi Tree (Taurus are stubborn and sometimes it serves them) and just before he attained enlightenment, Mother Nature herself opened her mouth and testified on his behalf, refuting the last temptation of duty. It was the Taurus sun that enabled him to connect to the Bodhi Tree and Mother Nature, but it was his enchanted moon in Scorpio that allowed him to transform into light. The Buddha saw the source of suffering as desiring things we cannot have. In classical astrological books you will find that the key word for Scorpio is "I Desire." One of Scorpio's glyph is the serpent and when the Buddha was meditating under the tree, a terrible rain drenched the forest. The serpent king, Mucalinda, sometime depicted  as a huge cobra, came to shield the Buddha from the wrathful elements.   

The  full moon on May 7 is an auspicious time to meditate and focus on letting go of whatever you feel is obstructing you from attaining your potential. Whatever separates you from oneness. This is a powerful full moon, arguably the most magical of the year. I hope you can join Laura Day I on this powerful full moon. We are doing a free workshop on the story of the Buddha and how we can use it to help us move from darkness into light. Click LINK to register. 

And so, for the two lunations, you have free virtual activities that could benefit you and your loved one. Lunar yoga with Bianca and the webinar and ritual with Laura Day and me. 

I wish you a healthy month of enlightenment...