Kabbalah Series: Manifest with the Tree of Life

June 1, 2020 - 11:00am
$88 for 10 sessions

After leading this workshop for years at Esalen, CA. I decided to offer this 10 weeks workshop on Zoom:

According to Kabbalah, God used the ten spheres of the Tree of Life as a blueprint to create the universe. By following this same blueprint you too can create miracles in your own life. This in-depth workshop will aquatint you with this ancient spiritual technology and teach you how to apply it in your everyday life.
The Ten Spheres include:

• Crown - The Will of God, the One, and the Beginning
• Wisdom - Intuition, Inspiration, and the Father
• Understanding - The Goddess Principle, Discipline, Time and Space
• Mercy - Compassion, Expansion, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love
• Severity - Energy, Strength, Decisiveness, and Judgment
• Beauty - Creativity, Balance, and Sacrifice
• Eternity - Mother Nature and Relationships
• Splendor - Communication and Magic
• Foundation - Sexuality, Death and Transformation
• Kingdom - The Material World, Experiencing Life and Receiving Gifts

Connect to the ten archetypes of the Tree of Life and foster spiritual, emotional, and material growth using comparative mysticism, guided meditations, and astrology.

Now it is your turn to create miracles.

Each week we will dive into a different sphere of the Tree of Life and have a 7 days between meetings to explore the synchronicities and magic that the sphere invoked in your life. In the first free intro we will explore the ideas behind Kabbalah and the Tree of Life and provide the guidelines for what could be a good wish to work on.

Starting June 1 we will begin with the 10 weeks journey. The 10 weeks series is 88$