The Astrology of 2021: Out of Darkness, Light

December 12, 2020 - 6:00pm
For Readings:
$26 ♥ Each purchase comes with a free astrology e-book for 2021!

If you are planning something big next year, don't finalize anything until you take this class!

What music do the spheres wish to play for us in the year ahead? What synchronized stories do the constellations wish us to enact? What can we expect from a year whose numerology is 5 which denotes war, conflicts and instabilities?  

On Dec 21 of 2020 we experience the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (last time was 1405), but it is only in February 2021 with seven heavenly bodies in Aquarius that we cross over into a new age. Get your guide to the stars to help you effortlessly navigate the astrology of 2021.  

What does all this means considering 2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox.

This will be a Magical Mystery Tour into the Astrology of the year ahead and you will leave this class with all the tools you need to make your wishes a reality as well as when to do it.

As we map out the year to come, we will investigate:

Dates of Mercury retrograde

Full and New Moons and how to work with moon magic

Blessed and challenging dates

Eclipses and other important dates

Specific astrological aspects and how they will affect you

In the workshop we will also discuss to to choose a good New Year resolution and when is a good time to start manifesting it.

Teach yourself how to surf lie's synchronicities and become a master of your destiny.

After the workshop, in 24-48 hours a recording will be placed in your DENanywhere Library so you can re-watch it any time.

Included in the price is a free e-book (via Amazon Kindle) of Gahl's new book on the Astrology of 2021. You will receive the e-book from Gahl after the workshop.

Note: All workshop sales are final.