Astrology and Movies: Finding Zodiac Signs in Films

March 21, 2021 - 12:00pm
For Readings:

March 21 is the Astrological New Year and to honor the 12 zodiac signs we will examine their archetype using movie clips. So get your popcorn ready for this fun and entertaining workshop, where you will see you sign acted out...

Is everything written in the stars?

Is your Astrology connected to Karma and past lifetimes?

How does the Sex-Meat theories of the origin of humanity gave birth to the first astrologers?

Discover the true meaning of Spiritual Astrology, why is it different than fortune telling and uncover the links between Astrology and films.

Why Aries are pushy, Taurus stubborn, and Gemini talkative?

Why do Cancers need to be needed and Leos need to be controlling?

Why do Virgos fuss and Libras vacillate?

Why are Scorpios so intense and Sagittarians over optimistic?

Why are Capricorns so cautious, Aquarius so weird and Pisces sooooo late?

A recording of the class will be available